MASTODON release one hell of a Cat Video


WORDS: Laura McCarthy

MASTODON have released their new video for their track Asleep in the Deep, and it’s fair to say it’s a little trippy.


Inspired by the on goings of our feline friends whilst we’re not looking, the video was directed by Video Rahim along with input from FX guru Shane Morton. The mastermind behind the videos conception was Skinner, the artist behind the band’s latest album cover for Once More ‘Round the Sun.

Skinner commented “This concept was birthed out of my curiosity for what a car really does at night while we are asleep. Where do they go? Cats have a very mysterious myth to them and I thought it would be cool to explore that, as little nocturnal heroes. I decided to put a sort of Joseph Campbell hero myth spin on it and some Jodorwsky psychedelia as well. I’m more than excited about the way it came out! I love it!”

The video features a huge bull frog, cat gnomes and a three headed rat king. It’s curious to say the least.

So far the video seems pretty well received, hitting in at over 90,000 views since going live yesterday. But what else would you expect from the internet’s latest cat vid?

A special bundle of merch has been released in the wake of the video’s release, which can be found here. As a pre-order bundle, this will began shipping begin in the 1st of July.

MASTODON will be touring Europe throughout the summer.