Napalm Festival goes up in smoke


WORDS: David Creamer

Recently, the gig promotion company that was Napalm Promotions has been forced to cancel the long awaited Napalm Festival in light of Napalm Promotion’s John Owen McTeggart as well as other people working behind the firm making horrific remarks towards the death of Sophie Lancaster on the Bloodstock 2016 Facebook event page.

Since having done this, local bands the likes of PIST, whom just performed on the Sophie Lancaster Stage at Bloodstock Open Air, and FOETAL JUICE amongst nearly the rest of the bands involved with the company have completely severed their ties with Napalm and refusing to co-operate with them further. Following this, and after a very hefty apology made by John himself and on the Napalm Promotions Facebook page, it was decided that Napalm Promotions would stop operating to work alongside bands and shut down following the scandal.

Because of these recent events, many of the events that Napalm had organised have now had to seek affiliation with other companies or take it upon themselves to ensure that the events go ahead as originally planned with as many as the bands that were booked to play the shows. The long awaited Napalm Festival is still going ahead as planned but now as a gig to raise awareness and funds that will go towards the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and its cause with near enough the same line up as before, with a few bands still to be announced to play. The special Halloween show in Manchester featuring FOETAL JUICE is going ahead as well with the same aim as the show replacing Napalm Festival. The Salford blackened thrashers EXXXEKUTIONER are going ahead as planned with show alongside the likes of other Mancunian thrash metal bands such as INSURGENCY and EXILED.

The replacement show for the Napalm Festival will be taking place on the same date that is the 12th of September and you can buy tickets to it here and the Facebook event pages for the Halloween Show in Manchester on the 31st of October and the November gig for EXXXEKUTIONER can be found here and here.

If you would like to learn more about the Sophie Lancaster Foundation or contribute towards Sophie’s family and the cause they are supporting, then you can find more information about the foundation on their website, which can be found here.