Pallbearer’s Joe Rowland picks his top five vinyl

PALLBEARER have released a new brand new video!

The video, which you can watch exclusively below, showcases bassist Joe Rowland reflecting on his vinyl collection and highlighting his top five choices! The arrival of the exclusive video comes as the band gear up for a run of UK tour dates in support of their brand new album Heartless (read our review here).

Watch the exclusive video here on Distorted Sound:

Speaking about their latest album, vocalist and guitarist Brett Campbell says, “I think Heartless was kind of the logical next step after Foundations and it kind of became what we wanted to do with Foundations but we didn’t quite have the skill yet, compositionally. Because we were trying to include elements of progressive rock and very multi-layered arrangements, we’ve always tried to do that since really the beginning, but we really started to go for it, more so on Foundations than our first album because, you know, we were more comfortable playing then as well. I think Heartless is kind of the same story, we are just getting closer to what we’ve always kinda wanted to do as a band and haven’t really been on the level of song writing we need to be at to make that kind of material. We’ve always had an intention to write very complex and deep music that’s also still emotional and not just, like, clinical.”

PALLBEARER commence their run of UK tour dates this week. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased here. The band are also featured in this month’s issue of Distorted Sound. Buy our latest issue here.

Heartless is out now via Nuclear Blast Records. Purchase the album here.

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