Temples Festival 2016 Cancelled!

Festival organiser Francis Mace has just confirmed that TEMPLES FESTIVAL 2016 will not be going ahead as planned due to heavy monetary issues.

‘Patrons of ,After an arduous 48hrs of uncertainty, and with deepest reluctance we have been forced to cancel Temples Festival 2016. At the beginning of last week, the organisation we had onboard to finance the event pulled their funding, and with limited access to advance ticket sales and no sponsors to back us we have been unable to source the funding required to cover the overheads which would allow Temples Festival to go ahead’ explains Mace at the beginning of his statement made to the events Facebook Page.

The event was set to go ahead in Bristol in June and featured bands such as CARCASS, MAYHEM and MELVINS headlining.

This is certainly another major blow to the British festival scene and we wish the best of luck to all those involved for the future.

Read the full statement here. 

Temples Festival 2016