The Dollyrots release new lyric video for ‘Pack of Smokes’

THE DOLLYROTS have released a brand new lyric video!

The new lyric video, for the track Pack of Smokes, is taken from the band’s latest studio album Whiplash Splash which was released back in March. Speaking about the new lyric video, which is available to watch exclusively below, bassist/vocalist Kelly Ogden says, “I think everyone fantasizes about running away from their current life to start fresh in a new place no matter how great life might be. And some people need the courage to leave a bad life… This one is for everyone who wants to make a better life for themselves.”

Watch the official lyric video for Pack of Smokes exclusively here:

Continuing to talk about their latest album, Kelly tells Distorted Sound, “we spend all of our time between Los Angles, California, and the gulf coast of Florida, and the Tampa bay area and so, the beach and water are definitely a part of our lives. There’s a freedom that comes from being in the water where you kinda feel like you’re almost on a different planet when you stick your head under, even if you’re in a bathtub you can kinda escape for a moment, and I think as we’ve grown into parenting and adults, I wouldn’t say we’re adults exactly but, you know, it’s nice to take those breaks and reflect on life. Also, the whole Mermaid thing is about evolution as a person, and we’ve definitely had to do a lot of evolving. Luckily our music hasn’t had to change very much and so I think any fans of our band will love this album. It’s not musically a leap in anyway, if we were going to do something musically very different, then it would be a different band. I think our fans are really, really excited about it. Lyrically, some of the songs just came from the ether, some of them were written intentionally, like Just Because I’m Blonde was written as a jokey song, a feminist jokey song and so that’s what that one was. Some of them were like that, others just came from nowhere, or from everyday experience.”

Whiplash Splash is out now via Arrested Youth Records. For more on the band and their latest record, check out our extensive interview with Kelly Ogden here.

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