The Ghost Inside involved in serious crash

Image: Jay Ivie
Words: Jessica Howkins

Hardcore band THE GHOST INSIDE have reportedly been involved in a serious bus crash.

According to various sources, the bands bus crashed into a semi-truck. Trucker Jay Ivie took the photo shown above of the crash and submitted it to Lubbock radio station KFMX-FM.

Ivie stated that three members of the band were pulled from the vehicle while he was on the scene with other members of the crew inside. David Summers, tour manager for THE WONDER YEARS has announced that all of the band members and crew are alive.

It has been reported that two people inside the semi-truck were killed in the crash. The identities of the two has not yet been announced.

THE GHOST INSIDE had played Wednesday night in Lubbock, Texas and were on route to Mesa, Arizona.

There has been no update from the band yet.

Distorted Sound would like to offer our condolences to the family and friends of the two people who died.

We would also like to send our thoughts to THE GHOST INSIDE and crew members who were involved in the crash for speedy recoveries.

Updates will follow as the story progresses.