Trivium release new music video for ‘Thrown Into The Fire’

TRIVIUM have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Thrown Into The Fire, is taken from the band’s recently released new album The Sin and the Sentence (read our review here).

Watch the official music video for Thrown Into The Fire here:

Speaking about the sound of their latest album, Matt Heafy and Paolo Gregoletto say to Distorted Sound, “we weren’t trying to continue on with anything or revisit anything but what we were trying to do was make the exact kind of music we wanna hear as fans of metal and fans of music and as us as people outside of TRIVIUM. What ended up happening with this record is it’s the combination of all the best things we’ve done across the seven, in our opinion. That wasn’t what we were trying to do but what we did instead was look back to our favourite records, favourite things, favourite experiences we’ve had, and it all seemed to come back to In Waves, Ascendency, Shogun. We didn’t want to go back and revisit anything but what we did want to do was recreate the situations for what those may have been. What those all came back to was us in a room together as a band. Before having a producer and before having any outside influence or opinion of label or management or thinking to try and write for anyone, but what we did was try and write for ourselves and make sure the music was 99% ready to go before we ever set foot in a studio.”

The Sin and the Sentence is out now via Roadrunner Records.

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