UPDATE: The Ghost Inside Bus Crash


We reported last night that members of THE GHOST INSIDE were involved in a serious bus crash yesterday and we have an update on the situation on the band.

As we originally reported, the band were travelling through Texas when their tour bus collided with a truck. Initial reports suggested that the band were all alive and well but there were fatalities at the time of the accident. However, the news goes from bad to worse.

both drivers of the trucks involved in the crash have passed away and Andrew Tkaczykt, Jonathan Vigil and Zach Johnson all suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash and remain in critical condition in hospital. Andrew Tkaczykt’s brother Nick confirmed what had happened to Andrew via an online post, “For those not in the know, my brother Andrew was airlifted to the hospital this morning after his bus was involved in an accident. He is alive, however he has suffered head trauma, as well as broken bones in his lower extremities, and a shoulder injury. He is currently in ICU and may require surgery. Please give us all your prayers, thoughts, whatever it is that you do, as we need it. I ask out of respect to contact me instead of my other family members with any questions or inquiries, as I will handle it due to my parents being extremely distraught right now. Thank you.”

A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help with the funeral expenses for the band’s driver, the band’s medical bills and the costs of replacing all the equipment  damaged in the crash. BRING ME THE HORIZON have already donated $10,000 to the campaign demonstrating their support for their friends.

All of us at Distorted Sound send our thoughts and prayers to those involved in this tragedy.