Versive release new single ‘Blind’

VERSIVE have released a new song!

Titled Blind, the alt-rock quartet’s new single was produced by Four Year Strong’s Alan Day after VERSIVE toured with them earlier this year. Speaking about the new single, the band says, “This song is intended as a bit of a takedown of people who blindly believe in anything at the expense of facts and empathy. Primarily with regard to religion and faith – but it could just as easily apply to media, politics, or any area of life where people are happy to remain wilfully ignorant of the reality that surrounds them. People who are so caught up in their beliefs they fail to think of how their actions and outlook impact others. We’re all struggling in life. The world is a bit of a mess. The stories we tell ourselves can seem like the perfect escape. And sure, if it’s something small that helps to you get through the day, then fine, but these things can have a ripple effect. Ignoring real world issues in favour of lies and fairytales isn’t helping anyone – it’s actively making things worse.”

Listen to Blind here:

The band are also planning to record their full-length debut with Alan Day later this year at Wachusett Recordings in Massachusetts, so make sure to keep posted to Distorted Sound in the coming months to find out more.

Blind - Versive

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