Bloodstock Interview: Herman Li – DragonForce

Right before they take to the stage for the first time in 13 years we had the chance to get a quick word with DRAGONFORCE guitarist Herman Li about what the band have been up to recently.

How does it feel to be back at Bloodstock?
Herman: It’s been 13 years since we last played here so it feels very good to be back.

What was the festival scene like for metal bands before festivals like this came to be?
Herman: Back in 2003 this festival was very different to what it is now. I went as a fan before I played the stage and back then it was mostly progressive and hard rock so it has developed and changed a lot over the years.

Why do you think Bloodstock becomes more popular each year?
Herman: I remember back when it would sell out 2000 capacity every year so it was a pretty natural progression to grow to this.

What can we expect from your performance today?
Herman: Well we just released a greatest hits album so we will be playing lots of older songs that we don’t get the chance to play. We’ll be playing some classics as well but yeah, it’ll be songs we don’t usually play.

How goes the writing for the follow up to Maximum Overload?
Herman: The writing is finished and we have begun recording so we hope to have the album out by next year.

How has the writing process developed over years?
Herman: It has developed and changed but only ever for the better. Changing the process for the sake of progression is what we have done, with Fred now writing along with us too.

Would you ever look to collaborate with BABYMETAL or any other band in the future?
Herman: The collaboration with BABYMETAL was great fun and I loved the song we did with them, I also love what they’re doing and how different they are. We don’t want to do any more collaborations unless we know we can do it justice so until the opportunity arises….

Power metal is all about having fun so what would be your top tips to have the best time at a festival?
Herman: I think especially for today’s line up just the atmosphere is the best thing. So just making sure that you have the right amount of alcohol, if that’s your thing, and some good friends and you’ll be done.

Whats next for DRAGONFORCE after the album?
Herman: After we have finished recording the album we will be looking to head out on tour again.

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