Destruction @ Manchester Sound Control Review

Credit: Katie Louise Photography
Credit: Katie Louise Photography

Thrash metal seems to be one of metal’s most prominent sub-genres; absolutely jam-packed with bands backed by a legion of dedicated fans. With Destruction decimating venues across Europe these last few weeks, the northern residents of Manchester were at last ready to face the carnage. But did the band provide the level of chaos that is to be expected from the thrash titans?

Kicking off the night was Evil Invaders, whilst technically classed as a new wave thrash band they are musically rooted within the old school 80s sound. With only one EP to the band’s name their performance was short but so utterly sweet. Riffs were performed in force here, accompanied with blistering solos that the manic crowd lapped up with delight. For example Victim of Sacrifice kickstarted a whirl of frantic headbanging and pits that engulfed the room in thrashtastic madness; it says a lot for a band that only has one EP under their belt! (8)

 Lost Society are a band that has steadily been building a reputation in the thrash scene. The fins unique approach to the music hasn’t gone unnoticed as the crowd swelled in size for their set. If only they could match the anticipation…

For a band that was eagerly anticipated it was rather disappointing that the band failed to fire on all cylinders. Whilst musically, the band were on form with riffs performed rapidly and to a high standard, their interaction with the crowd is what let Lost Society down. It almost seemed like the crowd were waiting to unleash hell for Destruction and no one else, so whilst Lost Society performed well, the tidal wave of carnage that was to be expected only came across as a tepid stream. (6)

 With the main support coming from Shrapnel, a world of expectations awaited the band. However Shrapnel proved doubters wrong by performing a setlist jam-packed with fury, adrenaline and ultimately musicianship of the highest quality. From the offset the band kicked up a whirlwind of frantic fans, encouraged by consistent drumming, quick fire riffs and Jae Hadley’s vocals rising above like a phoenix. It was breathtaking to watch and showcases the band’s rising influence on the UK thrash metal scene! (8)

 With Destruction’s career spanning over thirty years and thirteen studio records the band have been prominent on the survival of thrash metal. And their dedication to the scene was rewarded with an explosive reaction from the crowd; every riff, every solo and every roar of Marcel Schirmer’s vocals was met by thunderous appreciation.

Musically, the band were on fine form with the German trio executing their roles perfectly! With a setlist comprised essentially with the band’s ‘greatest hits’ as well as several tracks from 2013’s Spiritual Genocide it proved to be a nice balance of new and old. Fan favourites such as Nailed To The Cross and Mad Butcher were instant highlights with headbanging in full force and pits so chaotic it would strike fear into the biggest of beasts. Destruction essentially showcased that the old school still reigns strong, and even 30 years after their inception, can provide utterly brilliant live performances! (9)