Interview: Evil Invaders

Credit: Katie Louise Photography
Credit: Katie Louise Photography

Belgian thrash outfit Evil Invaders have just performed a blistering set in Manchester. With a sound that is so similar to the old school thrash acts the band went down a treat for the ravenous fans. I spoke to frontman Joe Audenhove & bassist Alain Hulsbosch to talk about the tour with Destruction, their musical sound and future plans for a full-length record.

I’m James and I’m here with Joe from Evil Invaders. You played one awesome set, how was that performance tonight?

Joe: It was great! We had a lot of fun on stage and the crowd was raging!

You’re well into the tour now, it’s the second to last date tonight, how’s the tour been so far?

Joe: Amazing! We’ve played shows in Germany, Belgium, the UK. We’re going to play Holland tomorrow.

So a bit of a long drive to get to Holland tomorrow then?!

Joe: Yeah totally. But we are with the Destruction guys so it’s all good.

And touring with Destruction, a great old school act, what’s it like touring with those guys?

Joe: Really cool! They are really chill and we’ve been partying every night

Has there been any party highlights?

Joe: Honestly, it’s been like that every night haha! Yesterday was cool though, we went on the ferry and I climbed up to the roof of the ferry on the helicopter platform with him (Alain) which was the highest point on the ferry where we weren’t supposed to be!

So I real stand out party moment then! Has there been any standout performances from this tour?

Joe: All of them were great!

Alain: Every one had their special moments. But of course the biggest crowd was the shows in Belgium. I mean for example yesterday, in Dublin, we played a really small stage but it was absolutely packed! And the guys were going insane! I really did not expect that but the fans were just so thankful that we came over.

Your debut EP has been out for over a year now. Since that EP has come out, how has the reception been?

Joe: We didn’t expect people to react so good to it. I mean we’ve been playing a lot of festivals, we’ve even played in Japan…

What’s the Japanese crowd like?

Joe: Dude they’re crazy! Really nice people though.

So it’s been a good reception then?

Joe: Yeah yeah totally!

And has that reception pushed forward plans for a full length studio record?

Joe: Yeah! We are working on that right now! The release date is planned for the 28th of February.

And your style of music is very much old school thrash. Do you find that with the new wave thrash bands emerging, that you guys just wanted to go back to the old school sound?

Joe: Well our main influences are like the really old bands like Black Sabbath. Where as the new wave bands, their influences are like newer stuff such as Destruction and Overkill. So I think that’s where we stand out maybe! As we combine tradition heavy metal riffs with the thrash. We just wanted to sound like the 80s metal bands!

And finally have you guys got plans for the future?

Joe: As soon as the album is out we hit the road and we keep on going.

Any festival plans?

Joe: Yeah, we have some confirmed. We’re playing….ermmm…I’m really bad at names haha

You guys ever thought about playing Bloodstock?

Joe: I know the festival but I’ve never been there haha!


 Evil Invaders’ self titled EP is out now