LIVE REVIEW: Municipal Waste @ Sound Control, Manchester

Whilst most UK metal fans will have been in knee-deep mud at Download Festival, those of us that remained in Manchester had an alternative. Fresh from their performance at Download, new wave thrashers MUNICIPAL WASTE have rocked into town sporting a lineup that is all about the local scene sporting their DIY attitude. With a packed room at Sound Control, the stage was set for a night of thrashing mayhem but would the lineup match the buzz in the cities’ blossoming metal scene?

Opening proceedings was INSURGENCY, a band that are becoming one of Manchester’s most recognisable names. Those in attendance may still be recovering from their destructive set at SLOUGH FEG earlier in the week but the band were bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Low-tuned riffs, chaotic drumming and snarling vocals were on offer here and the filling venue really started to appreciate what INSURGENCY are all about; no bullshit, just hard-hitting thrash metal. A cover of Agent Orange by SODOM was the icing on the cake to a solid performance from the emerging thrash act.

Rating: 8/10

Following INSURGENCY was WOLFBASTARD who performed an interesting arrangement of the black metal style. The riffs were heavily down-tuned and backed by a solid bass tone, and the band’s destructive rhythm was intoxicating as they powered through their set. The vocal efforts were just as admirable, with every snarl growl and shout mixed well to the backing music. With the performance relentless in its delivery, allowing little room to breathe as the band powered onwards, WOLFBASTARD breezed through their time on stage. It may have been a little short, but it was oh so sweet and yet again the band proved why Manchester is becoming a hotbed of activity for metal bands.

Rating: 8/10

Out of all of the metal bands Manchester has to offer, EXXXEKUTIONER‘s rise has been the most infectious. The black thrash outfit have steadily been working towards their first full length record and despite only having one EP under their belt, it was interesting to see just how enthusiastic the crowd reacted to their performance. Building their name on the live stage, EXXXEKUTIONER‘s performance was as professional as it was ferocious. Mike Woods’ guitar work was devastatingly fast, balancing cutting riffs with blistering solos, Liam Waring kept the tempo at a constant high and Ryan Councill, despite snapping a string, kept the bass tones low and menacing. Their blackened thrash sound worked remarkably well on the live stage which allowed vocalist Cliff Edge to flourish, with every snarl and growl executed to the level the style demands. Ferocious and fast, EXXEKUTIONER left a lasting impression and if they maintain this reputation, the band will become a force in the UK metal scene.

Rating: 9/10

MUNICIPAL WASTE‘s short, snappy and intoxicating style of thrash metal has crafted a worthy reputation in the global metal scene and their performance in Manchester reinforced why this band are so revered in the metal community. From start to finish, MUNICIPAL WASTE lifted the energy at an all time high, sparking a chaotic live atmosphere that the crowd lapped up with ravenous appreciation. From the gang-vocals of Mind Eraser to the slick bass tones of Sadistic Magician to the renowned Born To Party, MUNICIPAL WASTE rarely had a dull moment. The inclusion of a new song from their next studio record was also included, allowing fans to have a sneak peak of things to come and it held up well compared to the classics, demonstrating the band still have what it takes to craft addictive thrashing tracks.

On stage, the band’s chemistry was at its best. The combination of Landphil‘s bass tones and Dave Witte‘s drumming kept the rhythm flowing at a rapid rate and Ryan Waste‘s guitar work matched MUNICIPAL WASTE‘s studio sounds effortlessly. The addition of second guitarist, Nick Poulos, added an extra level of depth to the band’s sound, allowing the riffs to pack more punch and drive the band’s crushing sound to a higher level than previously seen. Above all of the chaos Tony Foresta was relentless in his vocal deliveries, leading every shout and consistently spitting his lyrics effortlessly, all whilst bouncing from wall to wall and side to side of the stage. MUNICIPAL WASTE have crafted a reputation on ruthless and adrenaline-fuelled live performances for years now and their performance in Manchester only reinforced this. Energetic as ever, MUNICIAPAL WASTE levelled Manchester and demonstrated just why they are so popular in the metal scene.

Rating: 9/10



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