3 Inches of Blood split up

3 inches of blood performing at The Corporation in Sheffield

Canadian heavy metallers, 3 Inches of Blood, have decided to split up after a career spanning 16 years.

The band, who released five studio records and three EPs over the course of their musical career, enjoyed much success in the global metal scene with performances at Bloodstock, widespread tours and the track Deadly Sinners enjoying much success in rock clubs around the world.

The band have commented on the breakup via their Facebook page; “It is now that we come to announce that 3 Inches of Blood has decided to part ways. Naturally, people will have questions as to why we have collectively made this decision. While our reasons are personal, just know we are all still good friends, but it is just time to move on.”

“All of us will continue to pursue musical projects, so refer to our social media pages to keep up with that. We are eternally thankful to our fans, friends and family that have stuck by us through thick and thin and always believed in us. You are the reason this band got anywhere and kept us going. We’d also like to thank our musical peers and former 3 Inches of Blood members for all your love and support over the years.”

3 Inches of Blood will play one final show before the band part ways in their hometown of Vancouver, Canada on November 7th 2015.

Tickets are available from June 5 and are available here