40 Watt Sun release new song

Doom metal outfit 40 WATT SUN have released a brand new song from their upcoming record!

The track, titled Beyond You, is the second track on the band’s upcoming record, Wider Than The Sky, which is set for release later this year!

Listen to Beyond You here:

Speaking about the track, frontman Patrick Walker said, “I don’t find it easy to talk about my own music, and I’m not convinced I necessarily should, but I’m asked to say a few words about this song. It’s about short-lived escape and sanctuary; of a deep sense of completion and of safety and well-being; and yet simultaneously feeling in those moments its impermanence and the pain of that; of trying to protract and even reserve that experience and that sense of love and life.”

Alongside the release of the track, 40 WATT SUN have also released the tracklist and album art for the upcoming record.

Wider Than The Sky Tracklist:

1. Stages (16:20)
2. Beyond You (09:42)
3. Another Room (11:56)
4. Pictures (09:50)
5. Craven Road (10:31)
6. Marazion (03:56)

Wider Than The Sky - 40 Watt Sun

Wider Than The Sky is set for release on October 14th via Radiance Records. 

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