ALBUM REVIEW: Moonbathers – Delain

Dutch band DELAIN have become symphonic metal darlings. Their sound has always been dark and arresting, filled with drama and spontaneity. Lead singer Charlotte Wessels belts out the songs with sheer potency and passion, with thousands marvelling at her vocal output. And the band have steady elevated over the years. With five records under their belts, they have morphed into a true player in the symphonic metal bracket. And under a live setting, they’re truly engrossing to watch. And the Dutch music scene is explosive at the moment. There are so many acts walking upon the hallowed pathway of metal, trying their hardest to set themselves apart. DELAIN have it all in their cannon, blasting through the mediocrity like a bullet. And their sound is progressive and often laced in poetic, but dark wordplay.

The band’s new record Moonbathers is a bashful offering complete with empowering guitar lines and infectious vocal work. And the act are always looking at new ways of expressing themselves and their musical qualities, by doing so, they’ve certainly fulfilled their desires. They’re also clearly ambitious, not letting the guard down, never forcing the music, never polluting the vibes. And the symphonic wonders also like to create an atmosphere within their music. The songs all have that dark, melodic, imprint. They’re magical in their deliverance. Wessels has a distinctive voice. We all knew that, but on Moonbathers, she naturally elevates her hooks. It’s balanced with great composure, struck like an empowering chord. Her vocals are never strained; they’re never stretched out or completely lost in the instrumentals. It’s all beautiful and charismatic.

Hands Of Gold starts proceedings. It begins with a blistering guitar riff that powers on. Wessels sings with authority, belting out the darkened lyrics. She has a stern grasp musically. The Hurricane starts with Wessels’ vocals and a soft drumbeat, it then lifts up and the chorus meets perfectly with the guitar influence. It is a fantastic burst of energy. Pendulum opens with dirty guitar strokes and sincere vocals. It never calms or loses momentum.

DELAIN are a band that have a great backbone. They’re talented musicians that love the dark side and its glorious undercurrent. Their music isn’t volatile, but it does hold up to the metal name. It carries the band forward, without any inevitable missteps. Moonbathers is a brilliant compendium that strikes fire into the belly and powers up the mind. It commits to the genre well indeed.

Rating: 9/10

Delain - Moonbathers

Moonbathers is set for release on August 26th via Napalm Records.

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