AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Sentenced To Eight Month House Arrest

Phil Rudd Court Sentencing
Photo Credit: Marty Melville

Words: Laura McCarthy

PHIL RUDD of AC/DC has been sentenced to eight months house detention after being found guilty of drug possession and making threats to kill. This means that should Rudd breach the terms of his detention, he could serve up to seven years prison time. Incidentally, this is the time that was originally speculated that the drummer could serve. The charge originally was that Rudd had attempted to procure a murder back in November, but this was dropped to threatening to kill when the evidence was not sufficient.

After firing many employees after the poor launch of his solo album HEAD JOB, Rudd had threatened to “take out” one particular ex-employee. In addition to this, he called the victim and threatened them, being noted to have said “I’m going to come over and kill you”. In another call, Rudd is alleged to have offered “NZ$200,000, a motorbike, a car or a house” to carry out the request.

After a raid on his New Zealand house, there was a stash of narcotics found, the drugs in question being marijuana and methamphetamine. After pleading guilty to the charges back in April, Rudd was sentenced in Tauranga District Court. Rudd will be monitored for drugs and will be imprisoned should his abuse persist, although the judge, Thomas Ingram, noted that it was an apt sentence as Rudd has little criminal history.

Rudd was thankful to his fans for their continued support, yet apparently proceeded to swear at a reporter on the way to court.

Currently Chris Slade has taken over as drummer of AC/DC on the “Rock or Bust” tour. We can’t help but wonder if this means Rudd’s place within the band will be in question after his sentence is served, or if it will even be possible for him to travel internationally.