ALBUM REVIEW: Stormzone – Seven Sins

Stormzone - Seven Sins Artwork

With their fifth studio album, Northern Ireland heavy metal band STORMZONE unleash 12 brand new thunderous tracks on Seven Sins.

The record tells a story of a mysterious man, named Dr Dealer in the 18th century with his travelling troupe of gifted misfits and the Seven Sins Emporium, in which he invites men to test their resolve and strength. This makes Seven Sins the first STORMZONE concept album to date.

As Bathsheba walks the record in with mystical sounding strings, it leaves two directions to the album. Unfortunately, the kick into the anticipated metal fans crave isn’t hard hitting, the lack of strength in the first track is sadly a sodden start.

Despite this, as each track goes on, there are certain strengths that STORMZONE manage to make appealing.

With tracks such as Another Rainy Night, I Know Your Pain and Raise The Knife, it is physically impossible to not want to bellow out the choruses. Giving off a very old school metal feel from STORMZONE’s powerful vocals, widdly woo’s of the solos and having a record that you can actually sing along too makes Seven Sins an absolute delight.

STORMZONE have obviously wanted to push themselves even further than their 2013 release, Three Kings. They have done just that, displaying further maturity in not only playing as an individual but together, they have pulled the cat out of the bag and shown the talents that they hold.

Whilst fans of heavy metal might like it as heavy as it can get, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of the roots of where it came and divulge into the old classic spirit of heavy metal; Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron MaidenSTORMZONE give you exactly what you want to be reminded of in their music as you do when listening to the classics.

Heavy metal is a genre of music that feels just about right having a pint of the finest ale in your hand, having your denims or your skin tight leathers on and singing at the top of your lungs with your friends stood right next to you, with a record like Seven Sins, expect to be doing just that.

Despite a lack of beginning, STORMZONE’s Seven Sins offers consistency, power and spirit, all in which draws away from any potential flaws. The tracks indulge themselves into the story that they’re telling more as each minute passes, it may seem difficult sticking to one subject and making an entire record on it but STORMZONE have done a fantastic job. Seven Sins is an album that every fan of heavy metal can appreciate, an outstanding achievement from the Northern Irish band.

Rating: 9/10