ALBUM REVIEW: Age of Vultures – Burn Damage

Despite Age of Vultures being their first full length release, BURN DAMAGE are far from newcomers to the metal scene, through rigorous touring in support of their 2013 EP entitled Reborn they have amassed a considerable following in their home country of Portugal and are now hoping to break new ground with their upcoming effort due for release via independent label Raging Planet.

BURN DAMAGE have endured significant line-up changes since their inception leaving Alexandre Gracio (drummer) the only founding member of the band but this has certainly not hindered their progress. The metal community is now thriving with an abundance of female vocalists flying the flag including Maria Brink (IN THIS MOMENT), Alissa White-Gluz (ARCH ENEMY, Ex-THE AGONIST) and Tatiana Shmaylyuk (JINJER) to name a few and Inês Freitas is welcome addition to the mix contributing her own brand of pure ferocity that was seemingly the missing piece in their arsenal and gives BURN DAMAGE an extra level of aggression.

Despite only clocking in at approximately 30 minutes Age of Vultures provides a seamless combination of crunchy, doom-laden, death metal sections in amongst the whirlwind of frantic, intricate thrash riffs. Accompanied by frantic drumming and powerful vocals particularly in Acid Rain (which was released as a single at the back end of 2016) and standout tracks My Own Game and Beyond Good And Evil the result is a punishing slab of raw and unrelenting metal which leaves you longing for more.

Considering this is only their second release BURN DAMAGE show a lot of potential and are clearly motivated to write polished songs which provide a wealth of fast paced, dynamic competence and could well be a band to keep your eye on in 2017.

Rating: 7/10

Age of Vultures - Burn Damage

Age Of Vultures is set for release on January 17th via Raging Planet.

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