ALBUM REVIEW: Among the Amorphous – The Interbeing

For any band, the second album is always going to be tricky: The pressure to come up with an album that pleases the fans you already have whilst trying to maybe do something different and experiment without being too risky. Danish band THE INTERBEING have taken six years in releasing their follow up to Edge of the obscure in 2011, so surely that means some serious thought has been put into this album.

Among the Amorphous is a concept album scattered with doom-laden technical riffs and evoking choruses. The ambitious storytelling within the album takes the listener through a futuristic dystopia that follows on from their first album, in which ‘THE INTERBEING’ is drawn to a new world. These themes also run through the band’s album artwork and videos, and are worth checking out if you like the idea of metal-clad space monsters battling at the end of the world (and to be honest, who wouldn’t?)

The album opens with Spiral into Existence, which really sets the pace for the whole album- dark sinister drones and spiky synths with biting vocals from Dara Corcoran. It’s no surprise that Deceptive Signal was used one of the singles from this album. The soaring clean chorus glides over the riff-heavy verses and snarling vocals and taps into the story of their album of ‘THE INTERBEING’ being tempted by a ‘Deceptive Signal’ from the other world- see what they did there? This would be a definite crowd pleaser at live shows.

The following tracks have the same pattern as Deceptive Signal, but thanks to the ever-changing time signatures, heavy riffs and drums combined with the ever-changing vocal acrobatics and soaring choruses, it doesn’t begin to seem too similar. THE INTERBEING‘s concept is present throughout the music, and tells the tale through so much more than the song writing. The music fills you with hope before dropping you head first into some sort of sci-fi battle scene, with Sins of the Mechanical and Purge the Deviant being the riffs that would soundtrack to the main battle.

As the album progresses, the music taps into the more industrial side of the band, with Sum of Singularity having a great blending between relentless drums and synths that CROSSFAITH would be jealous of. Hearing more of this side of the band would be a welcome addition to future songs, or maybe even focusing on a fully industrial track would be an interesting change of pace for a next album, as they can obviously execute it well.

Due to how long the band were in the studio, it easy to see that this album was a labour of love for THE INTERBEING. Hopefully their fans will be as loyal to them this time around, and that they gain some more along the way.

Rating: 8/10

Among The Amorphous - The Interbeing

Among The Amorphous is set for release on June 23rd via Long Branch Records.

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