ALBUM REVIEW: Annihilation – Revolution Within

REVOLUTION WITHIN are one of the many new wave of thrash metal bands that have appeared over the past few years, like many others doing the rounds inspired by the current revival of the genre. For those not in the know, they come from the north of Portugal and formed in 2005 to release the Collision album, gaining further from their debut with the release of Straight From Within. During that time and continuing to present day they have continued from strength to strength, opening for bands such as SLAYER, MEGADETH, and MORBID ANGEL, making many new friends and gaining fans along the way, which brings us to 2016, and the release of their third album, Annihilation.

The album begins with a feral attack of barked vocals and full on thrash assault with the opening track Annihilation. Raça has a notably powerful raw, suiting the fast assault of the track perfectly with nods to thrash bands of old and a fresh inspired energy of their own. They have a sound reminiscent of latter day EXODUS, with nods to the musical chops of DEW SCENTED.

A Fortress Around My Fate brings along an influence late 90s TESTAMENT into the mix, that to the metal veteran feels as familiar as slipping on a well worn biker jacket but at the same time has a magic that is fresh and invigorating. Growing Inside is particularly compelling with a catchy chorus and blistering solos courtesy of Matador. Suicide Inheritance has a gloriously rousing pace with a flavour reminiscent of SLAYER, with hooks that will have the listener wanting to stage dive from their coffee table.

From Madness To Insanity slows the pace down, but still retaining an air of crushing heaviness that ebbs and flows that takes on the slower and more thoughtful moments of PANTERA tracks. Or at least, you think it does until it leaps from nowhere with a sudden burst of fast paced assault, promptly smacking the listener with a steel toed boot to the face.

Until I See The Devil Dies contains stomping hooks reminiscent of prime time HATEBREED thrown into the sonic mix, with vocal queues that are reminiscent of the sadly missed CHIMAIRA and a distinct metalcore sheen. Manhunt draws upon vintage thrash guitar licks, reminding the listener of the best components of SLAYER and EXODUS once more. Without a Reason For Denial blends a LAMB OF GOD fist pumping shred closing with This Dying World – a track sounding like latter day EXODUS and LAMB OF GOD spoiling for a fight.

To conclude, REVOLUTION WITHIN are a decent band, but the main concern is can this album distinguish itself from already established bands? It is a pleasing and adrenaline fuelled album for a quick fun filled blast, but it remains to be seen in the long term whether the listener dives back into their collection to give it a spin once more. This said, Annihilation is a no nonsense thrash album that leans more towards the more metalcore flavoured spectrum. to be appreciated like a shot of double espresso.

Rating: 6/10

Revolution Within Annihilation

Annihilation is out now via Rastilho Records