HOLLOW BONES smash in from White Plains, New York. The five piece sets the bar for a new, diverse angle on the Metalcore scene.

Their namesake seems at first odd- but the poetic nature of the idea is really inspiring. Rather than hollow bones being a hindrance, being brittle or meek, they allow birds to reach great heights. With this in mind, the band produce some high energy, and driven purpose creates a brand of Metalcore that is rarely ventured into. For fans of DEFTONES, PARKWAY DRIVE and HE IS LEGEND, a blend of Rock, Melodic Metal and Metalcore is something you must give further investigation.

The quintet also has a distinctive angle with its vocal approach, having a male and female singer. The input of a female member can often feel like a gimmick, which is hugely unfortunate. However Sharon Malfesi plays her role with genuine importance regardless of her gender, and is a credit to the musicianship of the band. Patrick Anthony leads the majority of the vocals with a great range of roars and screams, but Malfesi carries strong, cleaner vocals and guitar with equal splendour to her bandmates. Equally impressive is Andrew Formale on guitar, and the ever important rhythm section of Kyle Cullen’s bass and Connor Warren’s drums. Together the band achieves a myriad of tones, circling the more well-known Metalcore ideas, but injecting more peaceful moments, heavy Metal riffs and unique lyrical content that truly makes HOLLOW BONES stand out against the crowd.

Their debut (under the name EdenbornTWENTYONE EIGHTYTHREE was released in May 2013, and on May 27th, the bands second musical output Lionheart will be released. Metalcore can be an oversaturated, male dominated genre, but with the input of various other genres in the mix, HOLLOW BONES have been able to push past the stereotypes of Metalcore jock mentality. Melodic, graceful, yet still packing a punch and holding a strong message in their words, this is a band to put your faith in. If that doesn’t impress you, they’ve preformed at Eat Your Heart Out Fest, and the line-up of musicians they have played with includes EMMURE, PERIPHERY, WHITE CHAPEL, BORN OF OSIRIS and AFTER THE BURIAL. Quite the mix, no? Demonstrating their enthusiasm and passion for music, the band should wholeheartedly win you over. Lord knows the scene needs something as refreshing as this band to mix things up a bit.


Lionheart is available may 27th