Album Review: Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello – Cheap Trick

After finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with a supendous amount of albums and many decades of touring and playing, CHEAP TRICK bring us their latest efforts in the form of Bang Zoom Crazy… Hello.

The Rock die-hards will be well satisfied with this album, as Heart On The Line starts as the best kind of opener. A story in music, great, classic feeling, with some groovy and well put together parts. Flecked with riffs and big beats, the chugging is full and thick. Immediately, we know what is in store here. No Direction Home demonstrates how the band are still adapting, as they incorporate new elements to the music as well as the tried and tested Rock, Punk and Blues method. In just the same way, When I Wake Up Tomorrow builds nicely into a semi acoustic, bright and breezy tune with an almost DAVID BOWIE feel to it.

Do You Believe Me is pretty enjoyable, easy Rock and Roll with a look towards the best kind of old Rock song writing- on infidelity, and the swiftness of life to pass you by. For a band that has had such a lengthy go on the circuit, CHEAP TRICK play with ease and know what will be crowd pleasers better than most. It’s relatable and a real ear worm. Blood Red Lips swings on in with a chorus of claps and churning rhythm that might feel a tad worn by now,, but you’ll still find yourself humming to the tune long after it’s finished. This is not a break out album into new territories, however it still brings enough amusement and energy to be worth listening to. Certainly, fans won’t be disappointed.

Sing My Blues Away brings it down a notch, with more focus on the vocals and the easy going chords. While this isn’t CHEAP TRICK at their best, it’s still a decent song, even if it is a little Rock by numbers. In contrast, Roll Me is a punchy brawl of a song, very much what CHEAP TRICK is built on. While it’s still the bands signature sound, it’s nice to see that there is still a huge amount of originality after so many albums together. The riffs still feel like a new band are playing them, and the song itself is fun and familiar- it’s just what you want from a band you know and love. In The Crowd is smooth and funky, filled to the brim with characteristic riffs and soul, as well as some cheeky lyrics that are sure to put a smile on your face. Any other band after so long would surely feel jaded and worn, but CHEAP TRICK rush on through with as much energy as when they first set out.

Long Time No See Ya incorporates some unexpected, yet entirely welcome, subtle synth elements to the good time vibes of the song. Lots of sing along tracks, this is an album you really need on any long tip to keep your fellows in good spirits. With a more Country Rock feel, The Sun Never Sets is feel good and filled with memories. This is Classic Rock at its best, with elements that have clearly been used in bands like FOO FIGHTERS long after CHEAP TRICK first incorporated it. Mellow, but with just enough “umph” to keep you entertained, this is a perfect way to start rounding up this album. In much the same way All Strung out, fills with more harmonies, big riffs and big choruses. Its immense fun, and as easy to listen to as ever.

This is very much an album you would expect from CHEAP TRICK. There are some new little surprises in there, while the majority definitely feels like the band we all know and love. Not too much to account for in terms of diversity, but this is not what we come here for. Good Rock music, with bags of entertainment value and fun, this is CHEAP TRICK doing what they do best, having a great time as usual.

Rating: 7/10

Cheap Trick

Bang Zoom Crazy…Hello? is set for release on April 1st via Big Machine Records