ALBUM REVIEW: Binge & Purgatory – Deez Nuts

This is definitely not the same DEEZ NUTS that we all once knew. That is the over lying thought that one will constantly be pondering over throughout their newest record Binge & Purgatory. Where the band were once a collective act thought only capable of singing about parties and alcohol to a simplistic and by-the-books hardcore soundtrack, but as the years went on and DEEZ NUTS grew as a unit, so too has their ability to write hard-hitting and memorable songs.

Opening with the combo of instrumental Binge and the relentless riffs of Purgatory. The latter boasts some thunderous drums that help the song hit like an absolute heavyweight. The mix is actually something that makes this album such a powerhouse, and DEEZ NUTS aren’t afraid to throw their weight around, with their paint by numbers hardcore sound being consolidated and delivered with frightful confidence this time around.

With tracks like Commas & Zeros and Do Not as I Do boasting buckets of swagger thanks to their emulation of the New York hardcore sound, Binge & Purgatory finds itself to be the hardest and heaviest album of DEEZ NUTS career purely through how well written the songs are, utilising breakdowns and empowering gang vocals sporadically throughout to make sure no interest is ever lost. Even if it is, Carried By Six’s 30-second flurry will immediately peak the interest once again.

By far the best thing of the whole album is how grown up it feels, with the lyrical content being far more reflective upon the bands hectic and liqueur fuelled history. JJ Peters started this trend on previous effort Word Is Bond, with the shift back then focusing more towards family and friends, whereas this time round the singer turns inward for his inspiration. What happens in return is the songs then become so much more impactful, and also legitimises all their previous work, with a clear ark of maturity forming throughout their back catalogue.

The formula hasn’t exactly changed, by in return DEEZ NUTS have perfected their delivery and even found room to make it hit even harder. The breakdowns could level buildings and the gang vocals are empowering as they should be, whilst JJ Peters’ reflective vocals and strong performance makes Binge & Purgatory DEEZ NUTS best outing by a long shot. It would appear the times of singing about parties are over for the Australian troupe, but instead of forgetting their past they’re using it to improve their future.

Rating: 8/10

Binge & Purgatory - Deez Nuts

Binge & Purgatory is out on April 7th via Century Media Records.

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