ALBUM REVIEW: The Brightest Void – Tarja

TARJA is an icon who doesn’t need an introduction in the rock and metal scene; she is inarguably one of Finland’s brightest stars in the rock scene. Will the outstanding soprano vocalist give justice to her upcoming album, The Shadow Self with her prequel titled The Brightest Void?

For those who have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades here’s some background information. From the moment she could talk TARJA knew music was in her blood and singing was her tool, as most metalheads know she first gained fame via being lead vocalist of Finnish symphonic metal NIGHTWISH and became one of the pioneers of this new genre of opera metal. Since being dismissed from the band in 2005 her solo career has blossomed and developed beautifully; with three rock studio albums, two classical albums, three live albums, a number of projects and many live shows on a worldwide scale it is more than safe to she is doing impeccably well.

The Brightest Void is further evidence that this will continue to be the case, the claim from TARJA herself stating The Brightest Void will give you more than a first taste of The Shadow Self is proved correct. The prequel opens with the single No Bitter End which sets the listener up for they can hear on the rest of the album. This album is a beautiful specimen that contains a variety of tracks that showcases TARJA’s incredibly sirenesque voice in many different ways. The eerie track An Empty Dream is a great example; the several components from that track make it incredibly haunting are the musical arrangements including choirs and piano, her vocal work fuses together with these arrangements ever so magnificently. The sinister transition to the track Witchhunt is done ever so smoothly and effortlessly, it actually gets the heart racing and leaves the listener rooted to the spot.

One of the emphasises on this album is that it features not one, not two but three guest stars, all very well known in the music industry. Fellow Finnish icon Michael Monroe, who is a star in the glam rock scene and former front man to HANOI ROCKS, lends his remarkable talent to the track Heaven And Hell. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS drummer Chad Smith lends his brilliant beats and rhythms to the track Eagle Eye. The album also features a brand new mix of WITHIN TEMPTATION’s collaboration Paradise (What About Us?), this new mix of the song is rather interesting in terms of how the new mix is laid out. Won’t give away too much here, it can’t be argued that the fans and listeners themselves would like to find out for themselves.

Overall it is safe to say that fans will not be disappointed with this new spectacular release that will most certainly enrich her career for the better. This particular prequel has definitely set up the tone for her upcoming release in August.

Rating: 8/10

Tarja The Brightest Void

The Brightest Void is due for release June 3rd 2016 via earMusic.

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