ALBUM REVIEW: Cemetery Junction – Demon

DEMON, possibly the most underrated heavy metal band of all time, have burst out of the studio with yet another essential album for any fans of heavy metal. Never ones to repeat themselves, DEMON have proved time and time again that they are as good as, if not better than their peers, even if they aren’t a household name.

Cemetery Junction may just change this lack of notoriety though, carefully crafted, this 11 track leviathan is something the band are immensely proud of, and rightfully so, whilst the phrase “All Killer-No Filler” is thrown around a lot, never has it been more true than in this instance. From the opening track Are You Just Like Me, it’s clear that the band are firing on all cylinders, and demand your full and undivided attention.

Dave Hill may be the only constant since the bands inception, but that doesn’t mean the band have lost any of their sound, in fact, they are possibly one of the few bands who have managed to maintain their signature sound, but also keep the identity of each member intact. Neil Ogden and Ray Walmsley who provide the rhythm section are clearly identifiable, Paul Hume and David Cotterill both have unique playing styles when it comes to the guitar work, Karl Waye has an individual sound on the keyboard that is different to his predecessors, and time itself has been kind to Dave Hill, his voice is as strong now as it was in 1980, this culmination of talent, ability and insight equates to a band full of vitality and the outcome is by far one of the strongest DEMON albums but also one of the greatest NWOBHM albums to date.

With their last release, Unbroken, the message was clear, the band are unbroken, they are still standing despite the trials and tribulations, with Cemetery Junction, the band have stated themselves that The Best Is Yet To Come, these aren’t empty words either, the band have stuck to their guns through thick and thin and only they know what’s around the corner, but for now, we can enjoy Cemetery Junction for all it is, a solid album that hopefully solidifies this band in the annals of music history.

Closing the album is Some’s Watching You, almost a reprise to the supernatural and demonic themes that DEMON were known for in their early years, a haunting almost nursery rhyme-esque track that sends shivers down your spine, this throwback shows that at heart, this is still the band that emerged in 1980, but now in 2016, they have come a long way, but they’ve still got a long way to go.

Rating: 9/10

Cemetery Junction - Demon

Cemetery Junction is set for release on October 28th via Spaced Out Music.

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