ALBUM REVIEW: Corpse Garden – Entheogen


Death Metal band CORPSE GARDEN are back with their second album, Entheogen.

It is an album absolutely stuffed with some of the finest Death Metal in the modern metal scene.  From the very first track The Quantum Rapture it is clear that the album is all going at neck breaking speed.

In the Womb of Chaos is seemingly misplaced from being the intro, being just over two minutes long and falling shy of all the intricacy the band throw out. This is quickly overlooked as Portal to the Oneiric opens up (get it?) and delivers a monstrous amount of chaos in just six minutes.

It is refreshing to say the least, to see CORPSE GARDEN put together their Tracklisting for Entheogen so cleverly. It is almost as though they have created epic intros to each of their finest tracks on the album, the tracks that feature the most crushing brutalities.

Tracks on the album such as Suspended Over the Abyss and The First Incarnation are what makes the album insanely head pounding. CORPSE GARDEN have only just really entered into the Death Metal scene as a band with just two releases, Entheogen included, but it is without a doubt that the band are doing an incredible job.

Throughout the entire of the album, the five-piece band have obviously worked with sheer dedication and passion to put together some of the finest Death Metal tracks in todays’ age. Enantiodromia however, the closing title is a five minute piece that is 100% focused on creating an atmosphere, toning down the brutality of what was throughout the previous tracks, almost begging for Entheogen to be repeated.

Entheogen is an album built on complexity, weaving together all of the pieces that make a great Death Metal album effortlessly and flawlessly. With arguments constantly appearing about the Metal scene dying, it is clear to say that with bands like CORPSE GARDEN releasing albums as blistering and crushing as Entheogen, it is only making it stronger. A stunning collection of mind-blowing riffs, beautifully executed solos and vocals that will make your Grandmothers cry.

Rating: 8/10

Corpse Garden AlbumEntheogen is available now via both Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions





Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.