ALBUM REVIEW: Created In The Image of Suffering – King Woman

Initially formed back in 2009 the band first began as a solo project led by lead vocalist Kristina Esfandiari, then later developed into a full band thus creating San Francisco’s KING WOMAN. With eight years of experience the band definitely produce a unique almost divine sound which defines them perfectly, they are also able to create a direct connection with the title of the tracks making the song much more meaningful to the listener. The actual sound itself is hypnotic, soothing and will make you feel in complete ecstasy, this is helped by Kristina’s vocal style as it’s breathy and whispering style will make you feel like smoke from a candle.

The first song on this new album is called Utopia it definitely has a vast, peaceful and utopian feel to the sound. This song begins with guitar feedback then suddenly the band builds up the song before you jump into the deep end with a heavy crushing riff that just simply requires head movement. While this is happening you get the first taste of the vocals on this album being soft, atmospheric and just plain awesome. KING WOMAN continue to crush the masses with the utopia riff throughout the song in the doomiest manner possible.

The second song off the album is titled Deny. This song begins with the guitar riffing as drums and bass play quietly and soft voice over the top making you feel like smoke, this song definitely provokes feeling toward the music as the track smoothly transitions between a soft rock sound and much thicker doomier sound. One of the many epic moments in this song is when Kristina unexpectedly uses screaming this is definitely a wow moment, this then makes for the final transition hitting back with the heavy doom they then ride this until the ending.

Another great track is titled Manna this song begins with an eerie, ghostly and atmospheric chanting, then the guitars starts to play an echoing fuzzy distorted guitar riff that just works perfectly with the vocals to make for a meaningful introduction and then drums join the mix with a quiet and easy-going drum beat that works perfectly alongside it all. After grabbing the attention of the listener they then take it up a notch and the guitars start playing a much heavier version of the riff while vocals and drums still striving toward a similar sound. The song then slows right down dragging out the riffs making for that overwhelming classic doom sound that any doom metal lover can appreciate. One slightly unexpected section is at the very end of the song when the band uses violin’s to complete this song, which is a very nice touch to end on plus it makes the music all the more beautiful.

All in all Created In The Image of Suffering is fantastic with great diversity in sounds and the atmospheric vibe that the record is able to produce are outstanding, it’s been seven years since the beginning and but it’s been well worth the wait. Are you ready to create an image of suffering?

Rating: 9/10

Created In The Image of Suffering - King Woman

Created In The Image of Suffering is out now via Relapse Records.

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