ALBUM REVIEW: Endless Disconnect – No Sin Evades His Gaze

In such a short space of time NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE have gathered quite the following particularly in the ever thriving tech metal community which culminated in appearances at Bloodstock Festival and UK Tech-Fest. They are due to release their highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s Age Of Sedation entitled Endless Disconnect via Record Union on 12th May and they have certainly withheld no punches.

One of NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE‘s biggest assets is their ability to continually shrug off the notions of being constricted to one specific genre and rather than just going through the motions and sticking to one predictable path they have got their hands dirty and experimented with a lot of different styles throughout as Endless Disconnect traverses a variety of emotions. Very few bands have the ability to harness the effectiveness of simultaneously displaying elements of melody and aggression like bands such as SOILWORK and PERIPHERY and execute it to perfection as they seamlessly glide between intense, powerful guitar riffs and soothing vocal sections. The diverse range of emotional depth shown by both James Denton and Theo Harvey is spine tingling particularly during You Can’t Save Me which showcases a combination of piercing growls and soaring choruses that feel very relatable and engrossing.

Endless Disconnect is saturated in groovy, adrenaline filled riffing and a shining example of this is Doomsday Generation which provides punchy, addictive verses layered in captivating guitar work by Dan Thornton and the momentum is continued into the more progressive and elaborate If Only To Fall that displays chunky bass lines provided by Matthew ‘Moat’ Lowe and further fascinating dual vocal harmonies.

Despite Endless Disconnect keeping you guessing with its tempo changes and experimental stylings the biggest surprises come in the form of Without Condemnation where the opening segments delve into the realms of DIMMU BORGIR territory with huge operatic accompaniments and savage blastbeats by Theo Harvey proceeded by the fast paced rapping style tempo of the vocals featured on Feels A Lot Like Hell.

NO SIN EVADES HIS GAZE have clearly developed their sound since their debut album and the experience of playing big festivals and increasing their foothold in the metal scene has paid dividends as they have devised a collection of material in Endless Disconnect that is very accessible, maintains your focus throughout and instantly makes you want to revisit.

Rating: 9/10

Endless Disconnect - No Sin Evades His Gaze

Endless Disconnect is set for release on May 12th via Record Union.

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