ALBUM REVIEW: Home Is A Heartache – The Picturebooks

When you first see the genre title Alternative Metal/Rock thoughts immediately turn to bands such as BRING ME THE HORIZON, SUICIDE SILENCE and FALL OUT BOY. THE PICTUREBOOKS defy this theory completely with their very unusual yet impeccable sound. They are due to release their latest album Home Is a Heartache and from the first few songs it’s clearly evident this is a must have for every music fan looking for something different.

THE PICTUREBOOKS hail from Gütersloh, Germany. Fynn Claus and Phillip Mirtschink met by chance at a skate park becoming fast friends through their mutual interests beyond skateboarding such as music. Through their raw and somewhat DIY approach, their recording technique that is deemed rebellious, they capture a distinct raw sound that creates an ambience full of empowerment and spirituality that is incredibly infectious. Once you have had a taste of this you’ll keep coming back for more.

From the moment, you press play on the record it is evident that two is the new magic number when it comes to musical acts. From the epic sounding tracks, you wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s just two people providing all the arrangements or that it was recorded in a garage. Their sound should be showcased in large arenas and huge festivals. Examples of this stadium like sound can be heard in tracks such as Fire Keeps Burning, Zero Fucks Given and Get Gone.

Fire Keeps Burning is a magnificent track, from its catchy chorus that will no doubt have thousands of fans singing along to its simple yet effective arrangements this track has the full package. The title Zero Fucks Given alone is a draw point all on its own and the song’s lyrical content is what it says on the tin. Going through life without giving a damn. With a chorus that will be sung by thousands of fans, this could also be considered a stadium anthem. It is a song of empowerment and being carefree; two things that ought to be embraced a lot more in this modern society.

The first few seconds of Get Gone are more than enough to get the listener excited and eager. It has a strong pounding beat that will have you tapping your foot or snapping your fingers. Imagine the sounds of thousands of spectators clapping along to this dominant rhythm. This steady beat for claps and stomps then transitions into beats that make you want to dance the night away. It’s an infectious beat that will keep you coming back for more.

From listening to this album, a couple of times it is difficult to pinpoint who they sound like. One minute you are reminded of IMAGINE DRAGONS especially in the track Cactus, then you hear the rawness from sixties/seventies; a strong example can be heard in Bad Habits Die Hard. The album bows out on a more than marvellous note on the tracks Heathen Love and Inner Demons.

The beautiful thing about this album is that it can be enjoyed by all music lovers; whether you like the graceful or boldness of classical music, the urban beats of rap or the growls and guitars of metal. This masterpiece can be appreciated by music lovers who are looking for something a little different.

Rating: 9/10

Home Is A Heartache - The Picturebooks

Home Is A Heartache is set for release on March 10th via Another Century.

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