ALBUM REVIEW: InVader – Reckless Love

WORDS: Jessica Howkins

Finnish glam metal band, RECKLESS LOVE, have returned with their fourth studio album, InVader, after their 2013 album, Spirit.

RECKLESS LOVE may be glam metal but since their self-titled debut album in 2010, they have quickly gained the title of being ‘merry metal’ and it’s pretty easy to see why with their previous works and InVader is no exception. They’re not a band that dedicates its music to being serious, despite being very passionate about what they do and it works effortlessly.

When We Are The Weekend opens up the album, it shows, as always that there are many influences in the music from those who were Sunset Strip lovers and musicians but unlike the previous albums from RECKLESS LOVE, it fails to open up InVader with a bang and doesn’t really hit that mark of making you think that this will be a great glam metal album, like the influences it has derived from.

Hands however picks up the speed of the album that will continue through to the end, despite being fuelled with fast solos and the some reckless vocals it doesn’t have the strength to accompany the speed.

The same follows through for the rest of the album, whilst there are plenty of cracking songs on the album, it proves to be easy to fall into the routine of forgetting what the previous song sounded like, something so very far from the bands previous albums.

There are some songs on the album that stand out and seem to encourage the life and party in the sound such as Bullettime, whilst the vocals aren’t really something to catch your attention, it’s the Megadeth-esque guitar riffs and tones throughout the chorus, almost resembling that of Hangar 18 if you listen close enough. Another being Pretty Boy Swagger, it’s a little bit more summer time on the beach sort of sounding track but it’s one of the very few on the album that actually makes you feel that it’s somewhat catchy.

RECKLESS LOVE aren’t a bad band, neither live or studio and by all means InVader is not that bad either. It just have very few qualities that make the album stand out to show that the Finnish band have crafted their music and come on since their previous albums. They are all about fun, but they still have an element of being serious about what they do but with InVader it almost feels as though they have taken a more parody approach to their own music.

InVader shows a lot more experimentation in terms of style of music, especially in Rock It but it only makes for the feeling that they should stick with what they had already been doing. It is genuinely a shame to say that this does not live up to any expectations that the band have been able to get for themselves. It had the potential to really be one of the best albums that RECKLESS LOVE have been able to put out in their career but it is so hard to find the thing that makes it stand out from the rest and to really have that RECKLESS LOVE label on it.

Rating: 4/10

InVader is set for release on March 4th via Spinefarm Records.