ALBUM REVIEW: Ironside – Oni

ONI are relatively new on the scene only forming in 2014 but the six piece from Ontario have came flying out of the gates like a raging bull mowing down anything that dares to oppose them.

They are already knee deep in a tour spanning the length and breadth of the world which will not conclude until the back end of January 2017 accompanying metal heavyweights such as CHILDREN OF BODOM, ABBATH and MAX/IGOR CAVALERA. Bearing in mind that this is all occurring before the release of their debut album Ironside is nothing short of astounding and shows real intent that ONI are prepared to earn their stripes and solidify their stake in the metal community.

ONI are a band that are difficult to define, they are a whirlwind of genres and are not afraid to experiment with their sound, this is very apparent throughout. Ranging from bone shuddering breakdowns to all out sweep ridden guitar wizardry that would give BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME a run for their money but the key factor is that they pull it off with utter technical proficiency and you get the feeling that not a single note was wasted. A perfect example of this is the 11 minute epic The Science which progresses through various shifts in tempo and flows brilliantly without losing any of its charm or spark.

Frontman Jake Oni’s masterful range is on full display diving between soaring choruses and savage screams in an almost beauty vs beast approach adds another level of depth to the proceedings and the cameo appearance by none other than Randy Blythe really lifts The Only Cure into the upper echelons of intensity.

Ironside is such a strong and diverse record that it is difficult to pinpoint specific moments of splendour but one of the standout moments is when Spawn and Feed throws a total curveball teetering in the realms of insanity made infamous by THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN carving a path of destruction with its chaotic time signatures.

The furious blend of guitars and synths in true progressive metal fashion is a very welcome addition to the album producing a lot of captivating instrumental sequences which almost sounds like the band members partaking in a little one-upmanship.

Ironside is a true statement of intent from the Canadian outfit, providing the perfect blend of insanity and melody which wastes very little time grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and dragging you into the eye of the storm. Constructing an album that is a breath of fresh in an already dominated environment shows the talent exhibited by a band that are heavily motivated to leave a lasting impression.

Rating: 8/10

Ironshore - Oni

IRONSIDE is set for release on November 25th via Blacklight Media/Metal Blade Records.

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