ALBUM REVIEW: At Peace Amongst Chaos – Broken Teeth

Often bands that have ruled the underground scene for years fail to produce when they make the jump to the big leagues. With huge pressure and anticipation it’s quite common for bands to miss the mark, Manchester’s BROKEN TEETH have been causing quite the stir in the underground hardcore scene for years now and following signing with Nuclear Blast Records, the band’s debut record is finally here. Nine years after their formation is quite the wait for the first record, so there is huge expectations surrounding At Peace Amongst Chaos. Does it live up to the hype?

BROKEN TEETH have built their name on a heavyweight sound packed full of hard-hitting riffs and beatdowns so ferocious it could snap your neck and from the get go, At Peace Amongst Chaos punches you square in the face. A subtle introduction through isolated guitar notes, opener Take Me Away builds suspense before exploding into life through typical BROKEN TEETH riffs. Dave Egan and Matt Weston combine beautifully to pummel the listener with slick riffs and the pace is consistent enough to carry the track.

From there, things only continue to spiral out of control as the record never ceases to let up. Leach Regress To Snake is an absolute monolith of a track with slick riffs and consistent drumming from Adam Kelly keeps the momentum at an all time high whilst Dale Graham spits vocals effortlessly over the chaotic sound. Similarly, Stomp 2 Dust features one of the record’s strongest beatdowns, with enough destructive force to eclipse an earthquake, and Witness of Destruction‘s rapid tempo is just full on mayhem through whirlwind guitar play and yet again Dale Graham‘s vocal deliveries just adds an extra level of aggression.

In fact, that is probably the most admirable thing about At Peace Amongst Chaos. Every riff, every blast from the drums and every shout just packs the utmost filth and aggression. This is a record not for the faint hearted, it obliterates everything that stands in its path. The band have built a solid formula through years of rigorous touring and the sound of the live stage translates well into the studio recordings. The riffs from Dave Egan and Matt Weston pack enough influence from thrash to keep the speed blistering fast combined with an intoxicating feel, Nial Moran‘s bass tones are low enough to pack an almighty punch and Adam Kelly‘s drumming is consistently solid across the record’s duration. Dale Graham‘s vocal performance is a real standout however. Graham spits and growls effortlessly and rarely has a low moment and when the band combine together for gang choruses, it raises the hairs on the back of your neck.

The fact that there has been such a long wait for At Peace Amongst Chaos, it is testament to BROKEN TEETH‘s relentless energy that the record stands firm to the huge pressure that surrounds it. From start to finish, At Peace Amongst Chaos batters you into submission through sublimely heavy riffs and high octane adrenaline. And whilst there are moments towards the record’s conclusion that can be somewhat forgettable, it doesn’t detract from the overall experience; relentless aggression. With enough influences ranging across the spectrum of heavy music, the outstanding quality that this record boasts is it’s accessibility to anyone with an ear for the extreme. At Peace Amongst Chaos firmly cements BROKEN TEETH‘s position at the top of modern hardcore and it’s a fantastic representation of the hard-working attitude of one of the hottest bands in heavy music today.

Rating: 9/10

Broken Teeth At Peace Amongst Chaos

At Peace Amongst Chaos is set for release on May 6th via Nuclear Blast Records.

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