ALBUM REVIEW: The Resilient – Betraying The Martyrs

On their last album BETRAYING THE MARTYRS showed a lot of potential but never quite delivered on it. The symphonic elements have helped separate them from the rest of the deathcore pack at times but in the past it felt like this was never taken far enough. The Resilient is their third album and it seems like things have taken a more serious turn this time, there isn’t a Disney cover in sight.

Lost For Words opens the album with one of the best songs BETRAYING THE MARTYRS have ever written. The crunching riff might not be anything new but once the choir kicks in it shows just how much they are looking to expand their sound this time. There has always been a symphonic element to BETRAYING THE MARTYRS but it just taken another step further this time and that really enhances things. The album is at it’s best when it is combining these theatrics with the punishing deathcore elements. Even the more melodic choruses which were some of the weaker moments on the last album have improved this time round. The piano intro to Take Me Back might start a bit weak but the song picks up soon after and The Great Disillusion adds in some brilliant vocal interplay between Aaron Matts and Victor Guillet.

The album does fall into a bit of a routine for the next few songs but still remains enjoyable. There’s enough flare to the music that it never falls into the repetitive chug that a lot of modern metalcore and deathcore does. The title track again fully embraces the more theatrical side of BETRAYING THE MARTYRS which again keeps things from getting dulls. Won’t Back Down is the biggest change of pace on the album, whilst it certainly isn’t a ballad it is slower and far more dramatic than anything before it. The song was written in response to the rise of terrorist attacks in France and does demonstrate the band’s growth when it comes to lyrics. (Dis)connected provides a good contrast to this delivering the albums heaviest moment showing that they have tried to keep things as varied as possible.

The album does have a few flaws which do hold it back. It’s a bit top heavy as there is a dip in quality during the last few songs. None of it is bad but the last four songs feel a bit like filler compared to the rest of the album. Closing track Wide Awake is a disappointing closer and is the most forgettable song but certainly isn’t terrible by any means. Fans will no doubt enjoy the entire album but it’s just a shame it doesn’t quite deliver from start to finish.

So whilst it does falter a bit towards the end The Resilient still shows that BETRAYING THE MARTYRS are continuing to improve with each album. The increased focus on the more symphonic sound has certainly helped whilst never compromising on the heavier elements. It might not be a game changing record but The Resilient certainly worth checking out if you are into the more theatrical side of heavy music.

Rating: 7/10

The Resilient - Betraying The Martyrs

The Resilient is set for release on January 27th via Sumerian Records.