ALBUM REVIEW: Savage Sinusoid – Igorrr

The newer generations of metal bands are constantly striving to push the boundaries of their instruments and the preconceptions of their respective genres by devising more outlandish arrangements within their compositions and someone who is particularly making a name for himself is Gautier Serre otherwise known as IGORRR, his most recent project which is possibly the most open minded, forward thinking collection of instrumentation to ever grace the world of music.

His unrestrained and unconventional amalgamation of a multitude of instruments which is displayed in abundance on newest effort Savage Sinusoid which is due for release June 16th via Metal Blade Records will leave your head spinning merely attempting to comprehend how the tracks have been orchestrated.

Savage Sinusoid gives you zero opportunities to mentally prepare yourself for what you are about to experience as the opening track Viande welcomes you to the world of IGORRR with an array of shrieking illegible ramblings swiftly followed by a savagely downtuned guitar battering intertwined with peculiar mechanical dubstep accompaniments which quickly implies you are in for an unpredictable journey. Ieud changes the pace momentarily with a serene baroque style opening accompanied by a frenetic combination of melancholic operatic vocals, blast beats and black metal shredding in a Jekyll and Hyde style internal struggle before Humous shifts the tempo once more introducing a jolly upbeat accordion passage before rapidly diving into more sinister sounding blastbeats, maniacal screaming and energetic saxophone outbursts. Just when you thought this offering couldn’t become any more diverse as the song begins to fade there is a little 8-bit experimentation thrown into the mix for the added exclamation point.

As Savage Sinusoid traverses through its whirlwind like onslaught there really is no instrument that escapes the creative frenzy as Opus Brain‘s meticulous execution of the Sitar adds another luxurious level of indulgence to the unravelling chaos. As the album approaches the latter stages the introduction of the unmistakably raw and guttural ferocity of CATTLE DECAPITATION frontman Travis Ryan on the trio of tracks Cheval, Apopathodiaphulatophobie and Robert ensures Savage Sinusoid somehow achieves an even further level of feverish intensity.

Although this is not necessarily a metal album it harbours some of the genre’s darkest elements and techniques but at the same time creates a lot of intrigue as it is very rare that an album this heavy does not prominently feature the guitar at the forefront of the compositions, more as a brutal undertone to accompany the relentless beast that IGORRR has created and considering that this album contains no samples whatsoever is a true testament to the awe inspiring talent this man possesses.

The most remarkable aspect of Savage Sinusoid is that no song sounds the same, they stand out as their own separate mind blowing entity but somehow collectively feel like they belong to the same overall tapestry of insanity. IGORRR constantly keeps you guessing at every twist and turn as you never really know what to expect next which is a very fascinating talent to possess. The possibilities are effectively limitless and it makes for one of the most captivating and enthralling arrangements of music that not just the metal scene has encountered but the entire music industry.

Rating: 10/10

Savage Sinusoid - Igorrr

Savage Sinusoid is set for release on June 16th via Metal Blade Records.

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