ALBUM REVIEW: Scars of Aeons – Warcrab

Any underground doom, death or sludge metal fans should be preparing themselves worldwide, as it’s finally time to hear WARCRAB‘s new album Scars of Aeons which is released on the October 15th.

WARCRAB are based in Plymouth, South West England where they formed back in 2011. A year after formation they released their first and self-titled EP starting off the band’s career by unveiling their heavy, wrecking ball approach to combining some of the heaviest genres around followed by a just as hefty release of their EP Ashes of carnage in 2014. But it is only now after a patient five years since WARCRAB have been together they are releasing a full length album – Scars of Aeons which was well worth the wait.

The genre of this album is not one you can just throw a label on; it’s a mix of death, doom and sludge with groovy riffs throughout. The music itself sounds extremely thick and foggy, which had to be there goal when they decided to record this album with Skyhammer Studios working with Chris Fielding, the bassist from CONAN one of the heaviest doom bands in the UK right now. That’s not the only reason why the sound is so intense, it is largely due to having three guitarist who all play down tuned and then heavily distorted to give the massive sound we hear on Scars of Aeons.

The album kicks off with the track Conquest, an eerie opening with echoing noises like the muffled laugh of creatures in the distance and the howling of aliens making it a perfect start to this interstellar themed album. Drums fade in from the distance getting louder and louder, the riff halts, making its notes ring out causing true suspense. In come Martyn Grant‘s vocals, his growls about seeking retribution and showing no mercy then gradually the guitars get more intense with tremolo picking followed with pauses filled with drums and steady strumming, makes each time the guitars get going again just as powerful. Five minutes in and the double kicks are at their finest and alongside the wailing guitars to make the most dramatic and intensely beautiful ending to the song that’s fades out making the song almost eight and a half minutes long, perfect for doom fans.

Every song on the album is solid but there is a reason Scars of Aeons is the title track with an opening of feedback and distortion ringing out a norm for the fans of doom notes ringing out for seconds on end making you feel like smoke. This song has some low groovy riffs which really capture your brain in its web and passionate solos making the song hard-hitting and epic, really capturing your soul with its delicate sparkling sound while still being completely gutsy.

WARCRAB have found a perfect home in between both sludge and death metal with a slow tempo and heavy rhythms while still sounding aggressive and powerful filled with groovy riffs and cradling double kicks. WARCRAB have really done it with this album.

Rating: 8/10

Scars of Aeons - Warcrab

Scars of Aeons is set out now via Black Bow Records.

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