ALBUM REVIEW: Tenebris Deos – Sons of Balaur

The mysterious SONS OF BALAUR are back after 15 years, after dropping off the face of the earth back in 2000 we’re delighted to say that the true kvlt black metal band from Oslo, Norway are back with a vengeance. After years of effort travelling Transylvania and performing secret shows the SONS OF BALAUR and their cult followers have finally managed to pull together a plan to resurrect their leader Balaur. Balaur, a distinguished vampire who battled alongside Vlad the Impaler but was killed, dismantled at the hands of his own sister. The only part of him that his loyal followers managed to salvage was his lower jaw but this relic was lost for 5 centuries… until now.

The SONS OF BALAUR have a nasty reputation rumoured to have included occult rituals, mass orgies, extreme violence, and even human sacrifice at their gigs even the band member’s last names can’t be revealed due to legal reasons after accusations of murder and having served time for burning down places of worship. It is time that light was brought upon the SONS OF BALAUR‘s story and the test and trails resurrecting their lord. They are releasing their album Tenebris Deos alongside a black metal horror graphic novel and film (Realm Of The Damned) to share with the world the story of Balaur.

The genre of course is old school black metal. Having formed in Norway in 1992 they originate with more well-known black metal such and MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE. Their style has stayed true to the classic early black metal sound following the likes of VENOM and CELTIC FROST with a major influence of thrash.

Tenebris Deos has a total of 13 tracks taking you through the brutal story of Balaur‘s awakening. Invocation opens up the album with its classic fast pace black metal which whisks you off right into the gory action then slowing down for a brief moment to only throw you back into the deep satanic encounter. Then income the intense blast beats and tremolo picking that make the SONS OF BALAUR as fierce as they are, with Tomas’ screams fading into the back ground after being over taken by such powerful music with this truly forceful song.

Every song on Tenebris Deos has its own appeal, the song Old Relics follows the same style as Invocation but with the backing singing and shouting making feel a lot more cult based. Succubus Slut has punchy lyrics and fast paced riffs. The Curse Of Bloodlust starts just as brutal as the rest of SON OF BALAUR’s songs with a WINTERFYLLETH feel about it but ends beautifully with just fading distortion and a enchanted riff that really shows the emotions that the SONS OF BALAUR were trying to put across with their lyrics being topical about addiction and wanting forgiveness.

A highlight from Tenebris Deos is Van Helsing Must Die where the band make it very clear that Van Helsing must die, as Helsing has been interfering with Balaur‘s plans and the cult are not happy about it. With the thrash undertones making you want to jump around and the true black metal blast beats making you want to pummel things, the mix is really is blood boiling and motivating.

The odd one out of this album is Balaur’s Rise. It sounds strongly of blackened doom with groovy thick riffs and an extremely heavy sound, giving the feeling of being engulfed by smoke but even with this slight genre change the song does not slack at all it is one hell of a strong song which does returns to a black metal towards the end of the song.

Ultimately every single song on Tenebris Deos is strong and heavy, there’s not a moment where the SONS OF BALAUR don’t blow you away with lyrical stories that keep you listening, and old school black metal that echoes through you, throwing your mind into a dark whole of evil and the land of worship for Balaur.

Rating: 9/10


Tenebris Deos - Sons of Balaur

Tenebris Deos is out now via Season of Mist.

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