ALBUM REVIEW: To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere – Thrice

THRICE are a band that have concentrated on being different on every release. The Californian act, never stick to the same formula, and they don’t beg for plaudits either. By combining super-charged guitar influences and gritty vocals, their sound is dark edged and atmospheric, totally emotive and entertaining in a way that is unique.

The band have burst from the seams of rock. And over the years, they’ve prominently ascended, climbing that harsh and clogged ladder, to the platform of reason and credibility. They might not be the biggest band on the planet, or the most sought after, but they are a powerhouse in their own right.

Since the first record Identity Crisis. The band have gone on to record another eight, including their fresh opus, To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere. This new record is a fundamental cog in the machine, another letter of disenchantment and rage, another stamp on the musical industry. It is also a statement of intent from a band that are truly unsung heroes.

THRICE know how to judge what they do. They take their failures as lessons. They ultimately throw down the gauntlet and try to pierce the norm on all contributions, and on their new record they’ve triumphed beyond expectations, delighting the ears and cutting the ribbon that leads to prominence. It’s not a sweet listen by any means, it clings onto the macabre like an Edgar Allan Poe poem. A poem of destructive proportions, a write of pain and heartache.

Great poets aside, THRICE capture the essence of hard rock on their new collection. The voice of leading man Dustin Kensrue is emphatic but haunting, he sings with ambition and pain embedded in his vocals. Also, the lyrical content is battered and bruised like a boxer, a fighter losing the will. However, they’re not generic, they’re marvellous in an obscure kind of way, shot like a gun, belted out, programmed to evoke and shock. And Kensrue is certainly a lyricist of the highest order, his work is truly compelling.

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere begins with an absolute pile-driver. It’s called Hurricane and it starts with a chug of acoustic guitar that doesn’t dominate but adds a calm before the storm mentality. Kensrue sings with clear intent, he wants to kiss life into a lover. The guitar presence rises decisively. The Long Defeat opens with a great guitar burst. The vocals are gritty once again, offering a dark overtone. The words are beautifully written. They’re negative but original. Stay With Me describes the decline of a relationship due to the grip of war. The chorus is brilliantly tinged with pessimism.

THRICE are a gifted band. They’re an act that are not the poster boys of rock by any means, but why would they want to be anyway?


Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere is out now via Vagrant.

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