ALBUM REVIEW: The Whole of the Law – Anaal Nathrakh

Evil and haunting, extreme metal band ANAAL NATHRAKH deliver us their latest album, The Whole of the Law. The ninth release from the Birmingham band is set to delve into even darker pits and deliver an entirely new monster crushing soundtrack of Hell.

The album begins with a classic ANAAL NATHRAKH sound, it’s dark and pretty terrifying, especially if you’re new to this whole extreme metal sound. What really sets The Whole of the Law aside though is the way that they have stepped it up another notch and have infused that whole demonic, evil sound with empowerment.

We Will Fucking Kill You is a perfect example of the previous statement, it’s an absolutely terrifying track but with no doubt it is absolutely ferocious in being able to really hit your emotions and play with them like a puppet. Feelings aside, the musical journey that this track alone takes you on is absolutely phenomenal, it’s exactly those riffs and guitar melodies that grasp your attention and have you engrossed in the dangerously fierce vocals of Dave Hunt.

ANAAL NATHRAKH have been in the game for almost two decades now and they have always been one of the most innovative bands out there in the extreme metal scene. They continue progressing with each record and The Whole of the Law is a perfect example of that. This album in particular however really paints a very distorted, yet spot on picture of what the band are really about. They want to make you feel immortal, they want to make you part of this anarchistic behaviour, defying what should be ‘stereotypical’ metal. The Whole of the Law displays evidence that they have really pushed their boundaries this time and have spurted out one of the most powerful and deadly albums that extreme metal has seen in a very long time.

Hold Your Children Close, In Flagrante Delicto and On Being a Slave are dominant examples that the album was intended to melt your face. The entire album is pure filth but the desperate, violent screams that pour out on On Being a Slave really make a whole lot of difference to what is going on. That track in particular really shows just how much ANAAL NATHRAKH have developed their sound over the years. The duo have always been absolutely fantastic at being one of the most terrifying bands we’ve seen over the years but they just defy all odds each and every time.

The entirety of The Whole of the Law is an absolute earth-shattering apocalypse, it is pure evil. It speaks volumes when a band can cover IRON MAIDEN so differently, and make it sound just as legendary and that is exactly what has happened. Powerslave is one of the most iconic songs that the British heavy metal band have released, doing an extreme metal cover might not sound like the best idea with the best possible results but the extent of the creativeness that ANAAL NATHRAKH have put in to it is stunning. The track itself is done delightfully heavy, yet the fact that they have even made the solo’s just as stunning as the originals in their own style just is the icing on the cake. It isn’t a disgraceful cover song like many have delivered, it is a fantastic rendition of two greats coming together.

The Whole of the Law is breath-taking, you can feel your blood pumping with fear and adrenaline whilst the sounds of this album pour out. It’s not just a standard extreme metal album, the sounds surround you like a never-ending fog. It’s a bitter and brutal assault on your own insanities, the album plays with you and captures you, but there’s nothing wrong with that when it comes to NATHRAKH. It’s undiluted, plays with fire and pushes every boundary, being wicked and twisted in this case makes for some of the best and most fierce sounds. An outstanding and devilish album from start to finish.

Rating: 10/10

The Whole of the Law - Anaal Nathrakh

The Whole of the Law is set for release on October 28 via Metal Blade Records.

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Jessica Howkins

Co Editor-in-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine, Music Journalism student.