ALBUM REVIEW: With All Their Might – Dyscarnate

2017 has been an exciting year so far for DYSCARNATE, refreshed with a new lineup and are currently dominating the UK scene after blistering performances at Heavy Scotland and UK Tech-Metal Fest where those in attendance got to sample a taster of new material from upcoming album With All Their Might which is due for release on September 15th via Unique Leader Records.

The UK three piece decide not to waste any time with tentative, atmosphere building introductions and go all guns blazing firing straight out of the gates with the pile-driving riffs of Of Mice & Mountains which are saturated in so much groove that your neck may not last the remainder of the album if it sustains at this tempo. This Is Fire! continues the ferocity with infectious guitar work and punishing drumming, the bass is also thankfully prevalent in the mix and provides further punch. As the song progresses there is a slight black metal vibe which follows into an earth shattering breakdown.

Anyone who witnessed their performances earlier this year will be well acquainted with the first single off the album in the form of Iron Strengthens Iron. It isn’t their most complex of arrangements but its catchy, methodical and heavy as sin. Exactly what you need to make that instant impact with new material. Traitors In The Palace is probably the song that stands out the most from the overall composition as it brings a more evil, doom ridden tempo to the party. The dual layered combination of piercing screams and menacing growls are just downright sinister. Al Llewellyn is proving to be the total package and the ideal acquisition to the ranks.

To End All Flesh follows a more signature death metal structure packed with drum fills the equivalent of sledgehammer blows and jabby accompanying riffs which are simply bone jarring. Backbreaker lives up to its title possessing skin searing brutality and frantic kick drums before the album takes a more thrash infused twist as All The Devils Are Here with blast beats in tow pummels you into submission. As the album draws to its conclusion final track Nothing Seems Right revisits the black metal tinges previously displayed welcoming you with devilish screams alongside demonic, edgy riffing.

Whilst With All Their Might is not quite as elaborate in technicality as their previous efforts DYSCARNATE have most certainly created some of the most hard hitting and infectious tracks of their tenure so far. The energy never wavers and even when the band decide on a more methodical pacing it just makes the entire arrangement sound all the more devastating. They have somehow managed to develop their sound in such a unique way that it brings a lot of exciting, refreshing elements to the table but it still maintains their distinguishable sound and hits you like a tonne of bricks containing the same powerhouse mentality of its predecessors. With All Their Might is a huge declaration that DYSCARNATE are not to be underestimated and if they continue at this unrelenting pace the sky is the limit.

Rating: 9/10

With All Their Might - Dyscarnate

With All Their Might is due for release on September 15th via Unique Leader Records.

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