Avenged Sevenfold release new single ‘The Stage’

AVENGED SEVENFOLD have released a new single today, entitled The Stage.

This track is the American metal group’s first release since Hail to The King, which was released in 2013. The Stage comes after recent sightings of ‘Death Bats’, the band’s signature logo, in Toronto, London, and Berlin, triggering speculations that the band were about to release new material.

The music video is possibly one of their most intriguing yet, with a heavy circus theme running throughout.  Puppets re-create scenes from different historical periods and features different cultures, such as executions by guillotine and scenes from American history.  A solo breaks out as a war scene is played out, with poppies growing out of the battlefield before bomb shells and a tank destroy the area.

Spectators laugh and applaud as people from different periods are killed, before becoming part of the show themselves as puppets.  A calming acoustic section gives an exit to both the song and the puppet show, leaving you intrigued as to what’s to come from AVENGED SEVENFOLD in the future.

Check out the brand new video from the Californian metal titans here:

It has also been rumoured that there might be a new album out from AVENGED SEVENFOLD in December, after legendary wrestler and frontman of FOZZY, Chris Jericho posted a picture on Instagram yesterday hinting at an upcoming release entitled Voltaic Oceans. The picture has since been deleted, leaving the rumour unconfirmed.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD have a number of upcoming tour dates in the US, with their next show at Discovery Park in Sacramento on 23rd October.  They also have a UK tour scheduled in January 2017, with DISTURBED and IN FLAMES, kicking off in Glasgow.

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