Battle Beast release new music video for ‘Familiar Hell’

Finnish heavy metallers BATTLE BEAST have released a brand new music video!

The music video, for the track Familiar Hell, is taken from the band’s upcoming record Bringer of Pain which is set for release in February. The video was directed and produced by Markus Nieminen (Oy Routafilmi AB). Speaking about the track, bassist Eero Sipilä says, Familiar Hell is probably our bravest adventure into hard rock territory thus far, displaying yet another side of the Bringer Of Pain album. The unholy alliance of the crunching riff and catchy chorus makes the song an obvious candidate for a single. For the video we did around 12 hours of shooting outside in late December, most of the time wearing nothing but our stage clothes. If that sounds cold or unpleasant to you, that’s because it was. Luckily it didn’t rain – a lot. For all the pains we suffered to make this video, we definitely hope you will enjoy it!”

Watch the official music video for Familiar Hell here:

Alongside the release of the new music video, you can view the tracklist and album artwork for the upcoming record. Both of which are available to view below:

Track List:

01. Straight To The Heart
02. Bringer Of Pain
03. King For A Day
04. Beyond The Burning Skies
05. Familiar Hell
06. Lost In Wars
07. Bastard Son Of Odin
08. We Will Fight
09. Dancing With The Beast
10. Far From Heaven
Bonus (DIGI only)
11. God Of War
12. The Eclipse
13. Rock Trash

Bringer of Pain - Battle Beast

Following the release of the record in February BATTLE BEAST will embark on a headlining tour throughout Europe in support of their new record. Supporting performances come from German metallers MAJESTY and Japanese melodic death metal outfit GYZE. Tour dates are as follows:

02.03.  D         Mannheim – 7er Club
03.03.  D         Essen – Turock
04.03.  D         Leipzig – Hellraiser
06.03.  A          Vienna – Chelsea
08.03.  I           Brescia – Circolo Colony
09.03.  F          Puget-Sur-Argent – Le Rat’s
10.03.  E          Barcelona – Bikini
11.03.  E          Madrid – Penelope
12.03.  P          Lisbon – RCA Club
13.03.  P          Porto – Hard Club
14.03.  E          Pamplona – Totem
16.03.  F          Nantes – Ferrailleur
17.03.  F          Strasbourg – La Laiterie
18.03.  D         Marsberg – Metal Diver Festival (Schützenhalle)
19.03.  B          Vosselaar – Biebob
20.03.  NL        Tilburg – Little Devil
22.03.  UK       Wolverhampton – Slade Rooms
23.03.  UK       Manchester – Ruby Lounge
24.03.  UK       London – Underworld
25.03.  F          Paris – Petit Bain
26.03.  D         Saarbrücken – Garage
27.03.  D         Berlin – Bi Nuu
28.03.  D         Hamburg – Logo
29.03.  D         Würzburg – Posthalle
30.03.  D         Siegburg – Kubana
31.03.  D         Stuttgart – Im Wizemann
01.04.  CH       Wetzikon – Hall Of Fame
02.04.  D         Regensburg (Obertraubling) – Eventhall Airport
05.04.  H         Budapest – Barba Negra
06.04.  SK        Bratislava – Randal Club
07.04.  D         Lindau – Vaudeville
08.04.  D         Munich – Backstage
09.04.  D         Münster – Sputnikhalle

Battle Beast EU Tour 2017

Bringer of Pain is set for release on February 17th 2017 via Nuclear Blast Records.

For more information on BATTLE BEAST like their official page on Facebook.