Brutai release new song ‘Relapse’ and behind the scenes footage

London/Reading based metal act BRUTAI have released a brand new video for their song, Relapse, which contains live footage of the band performing at Bloodstock Festival earlier this year.

Following up from their successful performance at BloodstockBRUTAI have also released some exclusive behind the scenes footage from the festival, alongside a live montage synced to the reworked album version of Relapse.

Check out both videos here:

BRUTAI vocalist and guitarist Felix Lawrie spoke of the meaning behind Relapse:

“Lyrically, Relapse is about the ongoing battle with addiction. We can all get addicted to something that takes away the pain. Some people have an ongoing fight with this illness everyday – and it is something that has the ability to consume you and deeply affect others around you. Addiction can come in many different vices such as alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, sex, and more. There aren’t many known cures for it either; just acceptance, and learning how to deal with it better in your own way. Everyone can relapse but what’s important is  how we respond to it.”

BRUTAI have recently signed to Transcend Music and their album, Born, which was mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde (SLIPKNOT, FIGHTSTAR, MACHINE HEAD, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) will be out on November 25th.

The band’s album launch party will be in collaboration with Transcend Music‘s Christmas Party at The Borderline on November 22nd.

For more information on BRUTAI, like their official page on Facebook.