Carach Angren release new music video for ‘Charles Francis Coghlan’

CARACH ANGREN have released a new music video!

The new music video, for the track Charles Francis Coghlan, is taken from the band’s very recently released new album, Dance and Laugh Amongst The Rotten (read our review here). Speaking about the track, the band says, “after months of incredible hard work, we are extremely proud to present our official horror video for Charles Francis Coghlan. Together with director Rick Jacops, we have relentlessly pushed all creative limits to transport the viewer into another terrifying dimension. Everything you see is real and produced as well as co-directed by us. Prepare to be obsessed and possessed!”

Watch the official music video for Charles Fancis Coghlan here:

Speaking about the new album, Ardek tells Distorted Sound; “In our most recent albums, we also try to come up with our own stories, sometimes based upon legend, and sometimes just using mere fantasy. The latest album we basically started writing songs around individual stories. It was only at a later stage that I came up with a narrative to combine everything together on the album. Another important thing that I wanted on this album was to make the listener somehow part of this story, so there are big clues in here, which I hope people find out. The last album, This Is No Fairytale was mostly a terror album, using the Hansel and Gretel story and adding elements such as heroin and drug abuse, so that album turned out very complex and dark. That’s why in this album I had a new-born hunger for more catchy parts and more melody.”

Dance and Laugh Amongst The Rotten - Carach Angren

Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten is out now via Season of Mist.

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