Demoraliser call it a day…


UK hardcore act DEMORALISER have disbanded after a five year career.

The hardcore five-piece, after successful appearances at Impericon Festival 2014, have decided to call it a day after five years active as a band.

Via their official Facebook page they have published the following statement;

“Many of you may have noticed that DEMORALISER has been inactive over the past few months. Unfortunately we have decided to call it a day. We cannot dedicate 100% of our time to the band anymore and feel it is best to wrap things up rather than let them linger any longer. We’d like to thank everybody who has given us their support over the years. Our biggest thanks go to Paul Towers, Kieran Murphy, Anthony Mortimer, Jamie Graham & Graham Clews. Shout outs to MALEVOLENCE, MARTYR DEFILED, DESOLATED, HEART IN HAND, NAPOLEON, LOCK & KEY, DEAD HEARTS, BURY TOMORROW and LIFERUINER. We have no plans for a last show at the moment. If this is something people would be interested in, we can discuss making this happen in the future.”

The band in a swanswong farewell have posted via their Soundcloud, a track that was never released. You can listen to it below: