Discharge sign to Nuclear Blast Records and release new song


British legends DISCHARGE have signed with Nuclear Blast Records and have released a brand new song!

Formed in 1977, the band have been cited as influences for pivotal metal bands such as METALLICA and ANTHRAX for example. In a statement the band states, “DISCHARGE are very happy to say we’ve signed to Nuclear Blast Records, a label that knows the genre and believes in what we do. We love the family atmosphere that revolves around the label and we are proud to be on their roster of great bands, some of whom are friends of ours. We’re excited about our new album ‘End Of Days’, with three quarters of the original classic line up (Bones, Rainy and Tezz), plus Dave on drums and JJ Janiak on vocals – who captures the original DISCHARGE sound and spirit. Original drummer Tezz moves onto rhythm guitar, so this is the first time in the band’s history that we’ve had a five-piece line-up. ‘End Of Days’ are upon us, but it‘s just the beginning for us with Nuclear Blast…the nightmare continues!”

The band have also released a brand new track, NWO, which is taken from their upcoming record pencilled in for release in 2016. You can listen to it below: