Dying Fetus @ Manchester Sound Control Review

Dying Fetus @ Sound Control Manchester
Dying Fetus @ Sound Control Manchester

A cold night in Manchester saw host to a death metal extravaganza set to lay waste to the legions of fans who had braced the Manchester rain to witness the carnage.


American technical death metal act Fallujah have steadily been building a loyal fanbase and that was clearly evident with their performance. With only two records under their belt the majority of Fallujah’s setlist was devoted to tracks from this year’s ‘The Flesh Prevails’ and the technical and musical quality of the band was crystal clear. Guitarist Scott Carstairs was absolutely sensational with every nook and intricate note played to perfection, Andrew Baird’s drumming replicated machine gun fire and Alex Hofmann’s vocals roared above it. It was atmospheric and beautifully destructive. (8)

Malevolence’s combination of hardcore and thrash created diversity amongst the crowd showcasing a unique and refreshing edge to their performance. The band’s setlist was based all around 2013’s ‘Reign of Suffering’ it gave the audience a true indication of the band’s full force musical assault. With a sound that comprises of of beatdowns and riffs played in breakneck speed, there was something for every single member of the audience to enjoy. Musically, the band were on top form with every member of the band doing their job to the utmost professionalism, for a band that have only been active for four years it was sensational to see such a fantastic reaction from a crowd that appreciated a range of genres within the metal spectrum. (9)

Blending musical styles that fall under several sub-genres of heavy metal can sometimes fall flat in a live performance but American metallers Goatwhore made their mark on the Mancunian crowd by showcasing their excellence at blending different styles of metal in one full frottle live performance. With their sixth full length record, ‘Constricting Rage of the Merciless’, released earlier this year it came as no surprise that Goatwhore’s setlist was comprised mostly of new material, however the audience still raged on which ultimately proved the loyalty of the band’s fans. Fan favourites, like ‘Apocalyptic Havoc’ and ‘In Deathless Tradition’ for example, were still included and it led to a roaringly positive response from the crowd which showcased Goatwhore’s popularity in the extreme metal scene. Musically, the band were excellent which all built up to a fantastic spectacle to witness. (8)

Dying Fetus have been no strangers to the UK, following a surprising performance at Download Festival this year, the band are well and truly into a headlining tour in support of 2012’s ‘Reign Supreme’. The band have built a solid reputation of being excellent in a live performance and this reputation was upheld, as over the course of a thirteen song setlist Dying Fetus brought the brutality and carnage. From start to finish the band provided slamming riffs, consistent blasts from the drums and a vocal performance that replicated the sound of a beast; all of which was lapped up in delight by the frenzied crowd. Opener ‘In The Trenches’ set the tone of the night from the first growl of John Gallagher’s vocal chords and ‘Subjected to a Beating’ saw host to heads banging from start to finish. All of the characteristics that fall under the death metal sub-genre were met from Dying Fetus’ performance, and whilst it did get a little repetitive, it showcased the brutality, aggression and sheer power this sub-genre of heavy metal contains. (9)