EP REVIEW: 1968 – 1968


WORDS: Jessica Howkins

In 1968, there was the fuzziest of riffs, the most outrageous behaviour from musicians and of course, the heaviest of heavy – the birth of heavy metal. Fast forward 45 years to 2013, out of the depths came another 1968, this time in the form of a band. ​

1968 came together when guitarist Sam Orr and vocalist J.R. met online and began talking about ideas for a more modern sound that still holds heavy influence from the heavy, psychedelic rock bands from the late 1960’s. The duo enlisted Tommy Drury and shortly after the bassist they was looking for, The Bear, a man armed with some beefy speakers to get that classic fuzz in 1968.​

Kicking off their new self-titled EP with the first track, Marauder, it is clear that this relatively new band are old souls. It immediately picks up every influence that the band wanted to infuse together, the metal, the rock, the blues and the psychedelic sounds that had so many addicted. From first listen, there are hints of legendary bands that have perfectly crafted this sound such as BLACK SABBATH, KYUSS!, CREAM and MELVINS.

Following through with the remaining two full length tracks, Green Sails and HMS Conan, the sound is kept spot on as to what they intended. Green Sails is energetic despite its slow pacing, giving each element of the track a distinctive punch. If anything, Green Sails is the track that really sets in stone everything fantastic about 1968 and how well they have mastered the art of what they do best.​

HMS Conan is a completely different story, it is still fantastic and it is still crafted
effortlessly but it is a perfect representation of infusing modern with classic sounds, at times almost having a HEAVENS BASEMENT sound to them. It is far from lacking in speed, the solos just pour out of Sam Orr with such divinity and that bass just moulds together everything with utter perfection. ​

Despite only being a three track long EP, 1968 have done everything in their power and beyond to create a masterpiece and shape a sound to the way that they like it. It’s filled with the power of grooves, riffs and everything dirty. Throughout, you would have had the devil at your door, the beast inside of you run free and your knees tremble from all of that bass. ​

1968 is an EP that has no boundaries and has set the bar incredibly high for the bands next release, and for any other potential bands that want to follow in the footsteps of this incredible upcoming band. They have achieved everything that was wanted and there are no complaints as to what they have done. 1968 have created a work of art with this EP and there are only the highest of hopes for more music from this band, who are indeed some of the most talented musicians from this day and age. ​

Rating: 9/10​

1968 is set for release on January 15th via Black Bow Records.