INTERVIEW: Jaret Reddick – Bowling For Soup


WORDS: Jakk Smith

Few would argue that BOWLING FOR SOUP are one of the most successful bands in the world of pop-punk. With intoxicating choruses, huge riffs and a general feel-good factor, the band’s reign over pop-punk has lasted for over two decades. We caught up with frontman Jarret Reddick to talk about the band’s upcoming UK tour, the band’s incredible career and what Jarret‘s favourite films are!

 Talking about your ‘UK Farewell Tour’ in 2013, you stated that touring can “take it’s toll on both you and your family” and that you have seen many bands “run it into the ground”, what exactly was it that compelled you to do ‘another round’ of the UK?
Jarret: Well, a lot has changed in our personal lives and life has settled down a bit…A break was good…But to be honest, our audience didn’t go anywhere…Things have continued to grow around us, kinda showing that maybe we don’t have to kill ourselves to stay active.
Understandably, returning for another tour of the UK has created a lot of excitement and urgency among your fan base here, particularly with those who missed your last tour. Are you feeling any added pressure as a result of this?
Jarret: No…Added excitement would be a better description….We are stoked at the reaction!
How do you think you will feel on the final day of the tour? Or when the tour is finished?
Jarret: Tired…And ready to have sex with my Fiance!
What is left for you and the band to do before you commence the UK tour in February?
Jarret: Lot’s happening here…Busy busy…From the first volume of your greatest hits, Songs People Actually Liked, which would you say is your personal favourite?

Jarret: I really like the updated Punk Rock 101. But I like them all…
Judging by the title of Volume 1 of your greatest hits, does that mean we can expect a compilation of the latter years of BFS on disc in the near future?
Jarret: Possibly…it will be harder to make those songs sound better…ha…We got kinda good around 2004!With the launch of your movie podcast Jaret Goes to the Movies, it’s clear you are a big film fan. What are some particular favourites of yours?

Jarret: Pulp Fiction, Arthur (The Original), Resevoir Dogs…And anything by John Hughes!

You’re definitely identified as a funny and lively person, do you think you’ll ever dabble in acting yourself?

Jarret: I actually have…Not a lot yet, but I just did a really serious movie called Saving the Tinman…I do hope I will get to do more!Over your 21 year career with BFS and plenty of touring, is there any particular wild or wacky memory that stands out when being on tour?

Jarret: I think it is wacky that we are still alive!! Ha…It has been an awesome journey…Excited for the next 20!

What would you say is your most valued memory or experience since starting the band?
Jarret: The Grammy thing was amazing…But there are too many to pick just one…I really do love being in this band!
BOWLING FOR SOUP tour the UK in February 2016.