EP REVIEW: Devils On The Run – New Device

London-based hard rockers NEW DEVICE have released a brand new EP, entitled Devils On The Run, in an attempt to continue their journey in placing hard rock music firmly back on the map. After the successful release of their live album Takin’ Over London last year, the four-piece comprising of front man Daniel Leigh, drummer Roz Ison, guitarist Matt Mallery and bassist Nick Hughes have sprung back into action with a powerful selection of six songs which encapsulate Devils On The Run.

An accurate way of summing up NEW DEVICE is if ALTER BRIDGE collided with WE ARE HARLOT. Vocalist Daniel Leigh has a similar natural flare and vocal range to the legendary Myles Kennedy, and the overall musicianship is reflective of some of ALTER BRIDGE‘s stripped-back tunes, such as Wonderful Life, where there is less technicality but more of a sing-a-long, anthemic structure. This is in the same vein to how WE ARE HARLOT construct epic songs such as Denial and Someday which are generally radio friendly, yet full of the hard rock fundamentals.

The EP begins with Hollywood Radio, which both in name and sonically has a radio-friendly rock attitude. It is undeniably catchy and although is extremely formulaic in its approach, there are very few choruses which have matched just how memorable Hollywood Radio is so far this year. Following on is NEW DEVICE‘s latest single Strung Out, which is more gritty and reflects the band’s hard rock aura more concisely. The subtle harmonies in the chorus gives the song a sense of potency and it is a track which has essences of being performed at an arena level with thousands of fans singing along.

Third track Devil On The Run provides the first clear-cut instance of a BON JOVI influence, circa Wanted Dead Or Alive, particularly within the verses. The pounding drum pattern partnered with the iconic eerie hard rock vocals makes for a successful pair. The chorus has a modern edge to it, similar to other radio rock acts such as SHINEDOWN. The first power ballad of the EP is Back To You, and it is a true throwback to the 80s. It almost has a pop vibe to it, layered with staccato guitar nuances and a huge drum sound. NEW DEVICE have clearly hit the nail on the head with their ability to recreate an iconic sound with a modern twist, which is everything you would want with a power ballad in 2016.

Revolution instantly hits hard with its opening guitar riff and continues to show no mercy throughout. Another band which drips its influence in this track is Australian hard rock outfit AIRBOURNE. The squealing vocals and overall swagger of Revolution one which mirrors AIRBOURNE’s style, but is in no way a direct emulation. Closing the EP is Highway, which is arguably the best demonstration of NEW DEVICE‘s modern songwriting, as well as the clearest example of their ALTER BRIDGE influence. From start to finish, Highway is symbolic of all that is great with NEW DEVICE, the song is energetic, full of angst, yet is extremely catchy and has a high amount of replay value.

NEW DEVICE‘s Devils On The Run could be considered the most exciting hard rock release of the year – and with very good reason too. The six tracks on the EP showcase every element you would want to hear from modern day hard rock, from the iconic vocal lines and lyrical content to the shredding guitar solos and tenacious rhythm section, each track is enjoyable and NEW DEVICE have succeeded in cementing their name as the act to watch in the UK rock scene.

Rating: 8/10

Devils on the Run - New Device

Devils On The Run is out now via self-release.

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